Sugar Whipped Cakes

Sugar Whipped Cakes may not be a name you’re familiar with but once you have a taste of their desserts, you’ll never forget the name.

Hailing from Sydney’s area of Liverpool, you’ll be making time for the drive to pick up your glorious box of sweet treats if you don’t want to wait for a delivery.

I was lucky enough to be given a generous amount of samples to try and boy oh boy did I eat my heart out.

The flavours on the block which have everyone buzzing are Biscoff and Caramilk. Between Biscoff and Caramilk, it’s a bit of a war as to which one is more popular but Sugar Whipped Cakes took it to another level and created their own version of a Caramelised Biscoff flavour which, in my opinion, they nailed.

Caramelised Biscoff Cupcake

The Kinder Bueno is another fave. I personally prefer Buenos to Kinder Surprises so it wasn’t questionable as to why I had an affinity to this flavour. It is definitely a chocolate lovers dream.

Kinder Bueno Cupcake

The Fairy Floss Swirl was one of my absolute faves as for those who have been following me for awhile would know that fairy floss is one of my most favoured things in the world. I also love the colours used with this one, making it an absolute stand out! Insert heart eyes here ______.

Fairy Floss Swirl

The Cookies n Cream flavour is another which will knock your socks off. The use of Oreos in the cupcake itself make it super tasty and is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser every time.

Cookies n Cream Cupcake

One thing I have failed to mention is that the icing on these cupcakes are so light and delicious, such a perfect match for the cupcakes themselves. But there is also a little surprise! Hiding under the icing is a dollop of flavour in the middle before you hit that cupcake – amazing!!! It’s just a little thing to add that something something.

Moving onto their signature Biscoff cake, which has layer upon layer of Biscoff goodness. From the outside you wonder how many layers it has and once you slice that baby open, you’re graced with five layers of moist sponge held together with Biscoff cream, not to mention the top being decorated nicely with those addictive biscuits.

Signature Biscoff Cake

So there you have it. If I haven’t persuaded you to go and order from Sugar Whipped Cakes then I’ve failed as a food blogger.

Frankiie xX

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