Salmon Risoni

1 cup risoni
1 tablespoon plain flour
3 tablespoons butter
4 cups of milk

1. Heat a pan and add the butter and flour.

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2. Stir until mixed well and a paste forms.

3. Add the risoni and stir until it is covered in the butter paste.

4. Add two cups of milk and stir every minute until the milk has evaporated.

5. While the milk is evaporating, heat a fry pan and add the salmon.

6. As it cooks, start to flake it into smaller pieces until cooked through and separated.

7. Add the remaining two cups of milk to the risoni once the milk has evaporated and stir until the risoni is cooked through and the milk has again evaporated.

8. Add the salmon to the risoni and stir through.

9. Serve hot.