Canberra Eats Day One

When people think of Canberra they probably think of a place that’s boring and slow but its food scene is far from that.

We went on a little family trip for four days and wished we had more time to explore more eateries.

Day one we got to eating at around 5.30pm so visited a joint called Mookie (most of the other places I wanted to visit closed at 4pm!!!).

Hubby had the pork belly burger which had pork belly, Asian slaw, kewpie (Japanese mayo) and pork crackling in it and he absolutely loved it!

Pork belly burger $15

As a side he had the gem-go-bell which are potato gems topped with cheese sauce, jalapenos and chives which was quite tasty.

Gem-go-bell $12.50

I had the Mookie wings which are spicy crumbed buffalo wings with your choice of Texas bbq sauce or devil chilli. I opted for the bbq sauce because I’m already a wimp when it comes to chilli and the spice factor on this one was already high on my radar!

I also had a small side of French fries with this.

Mookie wings – 4 pieces $7.50, small French fries $4, small Sprite $3.80 and large Coke $4.50

For dessert (because who doesn’t eat dessert?!) we had concretes which are frozen custards.

These are the best thing ever! I had the geisha which was a vanilla flavoured custard with cheesecake, pink rose petals, strawberries, watermelon and crushed pistachios. Very reminiscent of Black Star Pastry’s watermelon cake.

Geisha concrete $8.50

Hubby had the apple pie which was also a vanilla flavoured frozen custard with cinnamon donut, crushed apples, corn flakes and cinnamon.

Apple pie concrete $8

I have to say that these two desserts really blew my mind in terms of taste. They were super refreshing and just had the perfect flavour combos.

I know where I’ll be going for a frozen treat next time we come back!

Oh and for all you mummies out there, it’s also baby friendly.

Complete with a forced social media smile

All in all, this place was really good for a feed. I thought I should start doing ratings so you guys can see what I thought of each aspect.

  • Food: 4.5/5
  • Price: 3.5/5
  • Service: 5/5
  • Wait time: 4/5
  • Atmosphere: 4/5
  • Baby friendly: yes

If you guys have any questions on the ratings, please feel free to email me!

Frankiie xX


If you are getting lost in the craze of bubble tea and yogurt drinks, Remicone will give you a run for your money.

A dessert store hailing from Korea and franchising to China then finally hitting the shores of Sydney, this place will have your taste buds buzzing!

With such a cute menu, you can’t help but picture how each item will look and taste in real life.

Having been lucky enough to be invited by Get Social PR, I was in dessert heaven.

First trying the Hazel Duo, I was loving the creaminess of the ice cream and the richness of the brownie bites – this is definitely one to try.

The second item I tried was the Mango fresh fruit milk drink which was super refreshing and seriously the best thing I’ve tasted since having the mango yoghurt from Milk Flower.

The third dessert was the Macamelron. Again having the same creaminess as the Hazel Duo but differing with the macaron topping.

These macarons are soOoo good! No lie. They have such an intense fruit flavour, they should be selling them on their own as an option.

The last item I tried was the Blueberry fresh fruit milk which was again super refreshing and had a really nice blueberry flavour.

I’m also loving the containers the milk drinks come in as they are reusable and come with little antler stoppers to keep your drinks from spilling everywhere.

They also had super yummy and cute mini cupcakes.

I don’t think they’ll be selling these cuties but they tasted great and I love, love, love the icing!

This place is definitely a must try and I honestly loved everything. I was left in a dessert coma but will definitely be going back to try out the rest of the flavours and menu.

Thank you to Remicone and Get Social PR for letting us in on the dessert fun!

Frankiie xX

Mix Mix

Filo food has slowly been creeping up the scene and what better than to start with dessert if you haven’t already tried the cuisine.

Mix Mix is a local business specialising in filo desserts.

They have set up a small food trailer in the Parramatta Town Hall area and attend food festivals from time to time if you ever need a sugar hit.

At the moment they are creating the famous halo-halo with a Christmas touch to get into the festive spirit.

If you haven’t tried this dessert, it’s a must!

It’s made with crushed ice, sweetened banana, jackfruit, taro jam, palm sugar fruit, coconut gel, coconut strings, white beans and sago topped with ice cream and a slice of leche flan.

Another item on Mix Mix’s menu is the coconut pandan crusher also known as buko pandan.

This is a super refreshing drink made of gulaman cubes, tapioca pearls and shredded coconut in sweetened cream.

The mango peach puffs/jolly pie was inspired by Jolliebee, is such a treat! Vanilla and ube ice cream topped with pieces of pastillas and a side of a mango and peach puff which is very similar to a Maccas apple pie.

The mango mess/mangga con yelo is another refreshing dessert made with mango fruit and puree, sago, crushed Graham crackers and merengue flakes.

Have I convinced you to try them out yet because I’m seriously hooked?!

xX Frankiie

P’nut Street Noodles

P’nut Street Noodles is the first Aussie street noodle joint to use authentic sauce bases made from scratch with ingredients directly sourced from Thailand.

Their dishes are flavourful, homely and differentiate from your regular Thai restaurant.

I dined at the Olympic Park location via an invite from Instagram and have been craving their food ever since (even little hungry tummy was loving the flavours).

Checking in, you’ll see that the inside has a cosy little set up reminiscent of Japanese streets.

Say hello to the wall of little gold waving cats also known as maneki-neko, symbolising waving in good fortune.

Looking at the menu, the chick’n in a cone is definitely a staple item.

It is popcorn chicken marinated in a sweet plum sauce and sriracha mayonnaise served in a waffle cone and is one of my faves.

It’s super moreish and is the best for your food porn shot!

The prawn dumplings are another one of my faves, served in spicy soy sauce and infused with Sichuan peppercorn.

The Penang satay noodles are for the peanut sauce lovers.

It’s rich in coconut milk and curry paste and is seriously some good comfort food.

The (very) nasi goreng has to be my favourite main.

Flavoured with chilli sambal, this dish will leave you wanting more!

For the health conscious peeps, there is a low calorie menu!

The chilli jam salad with chicken is the way to go.

You’ve got your mixed greens, chicken for protein and crunchy cashew nuts.

Another light option is the Buddha’s vegetable and tofu stir fry.

It’s cooked in oyster and mushroom infused soy sauce with a hint of five spice, perfect for your meat free Monday (or any other day of the week).

Happy eating!

xX Frankiie

Wine Island

Wine Island is a fun little experience located on Clark Island.

It’s a little island which you can get to via Batch & Co Spritz Boats, including a complimentary glass of spritz on the voyage over.

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the Friday session which was nice and chill. Tickets hadn’t sold out on this day so it wasn’t as packed as it would have been on Saturday and Sunday which was so nice as there’s nothing worse than a jam packed event!

The weather was lovely and the vibes were so relaxed as people were soaking up the sun’s rays and enjoying the tastings.

The experience I won came with transfers to and from the island, a tasting tumbler, five wine tastings per person and attendance at the Wine Selectors masterclass.

When you reach the island you’re gifted with a Wine Island water bottle and some bubbles.

There were quite a few wine stalls, Manly Spirits gin, Jetty Road Brewery beer, Brix Distillers rum, about a handful of places to eat and a Napoleon Perdis beauty bar.

I opted for Chur Mediterranean having the lamb souvlaki and loaded fries which were both so good (I’m really into Greek food at the moment)!

For dessert, local faves N2 were on the scene offering two choices of vanilla ice cream and mango sorbet with your choice of mix-ins.

If you’ve been wondering where these guys have been, they’ve shut up all of their stores and gone to catering instead so if you want something fun at your next gig, be sure to hit them up!

Tastings were a plenty with you being able to purchase more currency to load onto your bracelet for a one off fee.

Some of the bottles were quite funky.

The Wine Selectors masterclass was quite good as they offered you a range of different ros├ęs, outlining the background notes of each one.

You can also do a little exploring and have a margarita just to change things up.

You have to climb a set of stairs for your liquid reward so be sure to have a bit of a wander around.

On the way down and back around, you’ll be able to walk closer to the water where it’s nice and peaceful.

Finishing off a four hour experience, you’re waved off with a bottle of water to hydrate you after a days worth of drinking.

Be sure to hold onto your hats as the ride back is a windy one!


Frankiie xX

Coco 88

French pastries are always the best pastries in my eyes.

Not only are they handcrafted beautifully but they always taste so divine, it’s hard to stop at just one.

Coco 88 in Pemulwuy is vastly growing a strong following for its delicious choux.

I got there just before lunch on a Friday and half of the choux pastries had already gone so I opted for one of each of what was left (vanilla, salted caramel and chocolate), and I didn’t feel disappointed.

The salted caramel would have to be one of my favourites out of the three. It had just the right amount of salty sweetness.

The vanilla was good but could be stronger in its vanilla bean flavour as I thought it tasted more like fresh cream.

Winner winner chicken dinner! The chocolate was also a hit.

These guys also do savoury dishes so we tried the egg wrap which wasn’t too bad.

The ham and cheese croissant was pretty good and had the right amount of flake to it.

We also got a few bits and pieces to take home like the Ferrerro choux which was pretty yummy!

We also got a box of six assorted chocolates which were quite good.

So beautifully made, it was hard to not bite each one in half to see what was in the middle.

The Yuzu and strawberry was my favourite.

The earl grey tasted just like an earl grey tea with chocolate ganache.

The espresso martini was subtle and not too overpowering in flavour.

The verbena was another one of my favourites. It had a refreshing lemon taste which I loved.

The Yuzu is also another yummy and refreshing tasting one.

Last but not least was the cognac which was quite an interesting flavour. It was a special edition for father’s day which came back due to popular demand.

We will definitely be going back for more sweet treats!

Do you have a favorite choux place? I’d love to know.

Frankiie xX


Cute and Instagrammable food has long been a thing for social media lovers and Kusuka is just the place to deliver the goods.

Having visited this small Indonesian eatery before to try their famous galaxy drinks, I was happy to be invited back to try some new menu items.

Papa’s Congee is one of the cutest dishes out (not to mention tasty), is made of rice porridge, pork mince and pork crackling.

This dish is so cute, you won’t want to eat it but it’s seriously one deliciously mean dish which is too good to pass up.

The Yum Kwetiau dish is made with a bed of rice noodles topped with Wagyu beef brisket, with a tangy sour flavour to it and boy is this dish to die for.

The flavour of this one is insanely good and the Wagyu, cooked perfectly!

Something on the sweeter side is the Ropang Jupiter which is toast with purple sweet potato and taro syrup, vanilla ice cream and pink latte jam.

This is their version of French toast. It’s super soft and all of the flavours work well together.

For drinks, the java is a cold milky drink with jellies. It’s super addictive and would be the most perfect drink all year round (even on cold days).

The lychee calamansi is super refreshing and so yummy. I could seriously drink 10 of these!

The coffee at Kasuka is also really good.

They partner with Paradox Coffee Roasters and have a thing called oatmeal coffee which tastes absolutely fab.

I’ve never had anything like it before but will definitely be keeping it on my radar!

Let me know what you guys think of this place if you visit!

Frankiie xX