When you think of amazing cookies what brand comes to your mind first? For me, it’s Crumbs.

Having won an Instagram competition to celebrate 500 followers, Crumbs. literally are newbies on the scene but not to the wonderful world of baking sweet treats and making you want more. Clearly, the world is yet to discover them but that’s what I’m here for, to let you all know.

With being able to try all of their cookie flavours, I was eating cookie after cookie after cookie and not feeling guilty about it because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to try every single flavour of something you love to eat?!

Instagram @crumbsau

Being the lovely person that I am, I let my hubby and mum try some without feeling too bitter about having to share but it was when they wanted more that the claws came out because let’s be truthful – I’m not one to share my dessert. If I had my way I wouldn’t have posted about them on Instagram and hidden away the evidence in a dark place where only I could find that special box housing these cookies but that wouldn’t be fair on the guys working behind the scenes to bake such delicious treats.

In any event, what I’m trying to say is these guys make a knock out cookie if I’ve ever tasted one and the fact that my family were asking for more means I’m not being biased just because I won and having to pick a favourite flavour just isn’t a thing because they’re all so on par with each other, I just can’t pick.


Let’s start with the Caramilk flavour because apart from Biscoff this is another trending flavour in the dessert world at the moment. This flavour definitely gives you the best of both worlds with white choc and caramel and this cookie does just that.

Macadamia and Milky Bar

Macadamia and Milky Bar is the cookie flavour I always choose when I go to subway and this is giving them a run for their money. Being twice as soft and with bigger chunks, I definitely choose this over Subway.


S’mores is a flavour that has only really gained traction in Australia recently having been such a big thing in the US for years. It’s a flavour which I absolutely love but is super hard to make yourself here as we don’t have Graham crackers and substitutes just won’t do because there’s nothing even remotely similar on our shelves but Crumbs. have nailed it with this one.

Sugar Cookie

The Sugar Cookie… Now this is the one that got away (but not completely). My toddler got her little hands on this one and took a bite before I did which made me see red but I kept my cool and traded her for a lollipop after five minutes of bartering.

Mars Bar

If you’re a fan of that caramel and nougat bar, this is definitely one for you. I love how this one gives a bit of a chewy consistency to the cookie.

Dairy Milk

Who doesn’t love a classic Dairy Milk?! You definitely can’t go wrong with this one. It’s plain and simple but still delish!


Total 90s vibes with this one! I remember getting Caramellos in my lunch box and being so excited. Definitely not one to miss out on.

Which ones will you choose? Would love to know if you get to try any of these bad boys. I’m definitively getting another order in soon!

Frankiie xX

One thought on “Crumbs.

  1. It’s perfect to your taste buds. I’m guilty that I shouldn’t be eating too much of it.
    Highly recommended as the bestest cookies I’ve ever eaten.


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