Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes

If you love high tea as much as I do, look no further than Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes for all of your high tea needs!

Their cupcakes are insanely out of this world not to mention the most prettiest things you’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s almost a shame to eat them but of course, one look and temptation takes over.

L to R – Strawberry, Maltesers, Snickers, Birthday Cake Batter, Caramel and Ferrerro

Which would you choose first?

For me, it would definitely be Snickers as it’s my fave chocolate next to Cadbury’s Marble! All of that gooey caramel and the peanuts are enough to send you into overdrive and this cupcake definitely didn’t disappoint. The icing was definitely on point and hit the spot.

The Ferrerro was the one I chose to have second as that is another chocolate which I love and can’t stop eating. This also didn’t disappoint. The only thing that did was when my toddler stole the chocolate on top.

Ferrerro Cupcake

Next in line was the Birthday Cake Batter Cupcake.

I didn’t get much of this one as it was the one my toddler claimed because she liked the look of the sprinkles and rightfully so as how cute would this one look on your high tea stand?! She obviously enjoyed it as all of the icing was gone (lucky I got my finger in and managed a lick) and only a few fallen bits of cake were left, which my nine month old quickly went in for the grab and ate.

Birthday Cake Batter Cupcake

Breaking the chain, I went for strawberry next and have to say it’s quite a refreshing flavour. It’s definitely one you need to have on your high tea stand as it is just like you see in pictures where there’s that cute cupcake with the strawberry on top.

Strawberry Cupcake

Caramel was hubby’s favourite. He thought it reminded him of sticky date pudding and basically put the whole thing in his mouth (minus the bite I took because you know, I need to be able to write about how it tastes on my blog!) and loved every bit.

Caramel Cupcake

Last but not least was the Maltesers Cupcake. I don’t think a lot of people name Maltesers as one of their favourite chocolates as they seem to get forgotten about most of the time but when they’re in a dessert or milkshake it’s dead good! This one’s definitely a banger. As you can see, the icing has bits of chocolate in it, which makes it taste heavenly.

Maltesers Cupcake

With such beautiful cupcakes, who wouldn’t want these on show when hosting your own high tea?! Plus, how good would they look on social media? When people comment you can rave on about how good they also taste but what I especially love about them is that the icing on each one is decorated differently, from a swirl to ripples to a dollop. Most places do the icing the same way and just make the toppings different so you’ve gotta give these guys some brownie points.

Hope you get to try some soon!

Frankiie xX

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