Dapto Hotdogs and Burgers

Dapto are a food truck business based in Lakemba so don’t be fooled by its name.

Parked in an unsuspecting area, this is one definitely to visit.

Having won a competition on Instagram, this was my first time out since #iso and I have to say it was pretty good considering it was freezing cold.

I won a family feast so we took a couple of friends with us for a late night feed (or what I would call late now with my lack of sleep) and had our first meal out.

We got to try the plain dog which was a damn good hot dog with ketchup and mustard for those who like things more traditional. It’s a pretty decent sized thing so you definitely won’t go hungry.

Plain dog with your choice of sauce $8.00

The chilli dog which has Mexican salsa, chilli, cheese, onions, BBQ sauce, mustard and jalapenos – a winner if you love your spice and it definitely works for something so different!

Chilli dog $11.00

The cheeseburger which was also really, really good (we went back for seconds) if you like your burgers plain like me just has the patty, onions, cheese, mustard, pickles and tomato. The patty is nice and juicy, and freshly made to order.

Cheeseburger at the front $9.00 and DD grilled chicken on the left $10

The second burger was a DD grilled chicken burger which comes with chicken breast, lettuce, mayo and chilli as an option, which was also really good and we had a second serving of.

Then we also had chips and drinks as part of our sides (all of the above you can get as a combo for seven bucks extra). A bargain if you ask me as most joints charge between $15 and $22 just for a burger on its own and fail at the taste!

These guys can cook up a mean cheat meal or everyday treat if you’re looking for something delicious and filling. Not to mention they have other items on the menu as well like Pluto pups and chicken nuggets. They also do a variety of burgers and different styles of hot dogs as well as a hot dog snack pack – now that is one I’ll be ordering next time round!

What’s your fave hot dog and burger joint?

Frankiie xX

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