Graze in a Box

If you’re looking for the perfect grazing spread look no further than Graze in a Box.

A newbie on the scene, Graze in a Box comes in strong with their selection of high quality nibbles, you’d think they were in the game since day dot.

The Classic Graze box feeds over four people, measures at 360 by 255 and is jam packed with something for everyone.

With two cheeses, two dips, artisan crackers and wafers, cold cuts and twiggies, pickles and olives, antipasto, Tim Tams, nuts, seasonal fruit, raw honeycomb, chocolate, dried fruit, and other yummy nibbles you honestly can’t go wrong.

The ham used has a yummy smoked flavour, it’s hard to stop eating. The pieces also quite big in size and are arranged like blooming roses – so pretty!

The artisan crackers have me absolutely hooked! They’re sweet in taste and went so well with the apricot and almond cheese.

The sweet potato and cashew dip was amazing. I’d never had this before but it was heavenly. I paired it with the twiggy sticks and the flavours were a really good combination.

The pickles, olives and sun dried tomato were also really tasty – I love sun dried tomatoes so to have them included in the box was such a treat for me.

The fruit packed was fresh, sweet and vibrant in colour, a must for all grazing tables.

The assorted nibbles for those with a sweet tooth really deliver. With things like Tim Tams to Lindt balls and chocolate covered pretzels – chocolate lovers celebrate.

Now you be the judge and tell me if this doesn’t sound like the ultimate graze you’d love to have at your next event or secretly for yourself.

Frankiie xX

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