Desserts by Jen

Desserts by Jen may seem like an unknown dessert company but they set themselves apart from the rest when you take that first bite out of any of their mouth watering desserts.

Founded by Jen and Jeff, these guys know how to satisfy a dessert craving and leave you wanting more.

Mixed Box $50.00

As soon as you open that box, you are slapped across the face with a delicious aroma of baked goods. But it’s when you take that first bite that you know you’re going to be hooked and want more.

Peanut Butter Reese’s cupcake

Their cupcakes are super cute and well decorated but their icing is seriously on another level. Pair it with the cupcake and it’s a flavour explosion only you can dream of.

Each cupcake is a flavour which compliments its icing so you know you’ll get a good combo.

Kit Kat Gold Cupcake

They also do personalized cookies which I love! I think it’s such a beautiful touch and the bits of gold leaf make it just that little bit extra. They are also really tasty!

Personalised Fondant Cookie

The bigger cookies are super good! I got to try the half and half choc chunk and double doc, and Biscoff flavours and they were both delicious. I caught myself having one for breakfast the other day!!!

Half and Half Choc Chunk and Double Choc Cookies

The brownies are also quite amazing. If you think Tee Lish Brownies are good, you need to get onto these ones! They’re not just a brownie with different toppings, some of them have layers which makes them even more yummy.

Biscoff Loaded Brownie
Snickers Brownie and Wagon Wheel Brownie

The pandan creme brulees are out of this world. You can really taste the pandan flavour and they have the perfect crack when you tap the top.

I honestly can’t talk these guys up enough, their desserts really exceeded my expectations. I’m constantly tasting different desserts from different places but these by far are at the top of my list.

Thank you to Desserts by Jen for feeding my sugar addiction and I really hope you guys try their desserts out for yourselves because I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Frankiie xX

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