Tractorless Wines

With this one being a last minute invite from Ompty, we were scraping in at the sides to attend. But we are huge fans of degustations so couldn’t miss out.
This event was held at the Casula Powerhouse which is a long driveway away from its connecting neighbourhood.
There was beautiful natural lighting from the lovely weather and we were greeted with a warm welcome from Jeff, our host.

We were seated at a long table lined up with six wine glasses per person, with menus and wine lists as well as some bread.

The first wine on the table was the Aleatico moscato which had flavours of lifted rose Turkish delight, lychee and peach with a crisp fresh finish. This was my favourite wine of the day and naturally had to order myself a bottle.

This was paired with the duck liver parfait topped with prosciutto on toasted sourdough. I’m not a big fan of liver no matter what it is but I did give this a go and managed to get through half. It had a good flavour but I think the aftertaste got to me after a couple of bites and I couldn’t go any further.

The next glass on the table was the Pinot Grigio with its fresh pear characteristics, balanced with crisp acid and light mid palate texture. This one was different from what I expected it to taste like but in a good way! It had a super fresh taste to it and was quite light.

This wine was paired with the Jerusalem artichoke and truffle soup. This was my favourite dish! Such a smooth and delicious piece, I was left wanting more.

Third glass down was the Chardonnay. This had a lovely vanilla, butter, grapefruit, mango and creamy pattiseries flavour. This was definitely my second favourite.

This was paired with the 63 degree egg and crab sausage. I loved this dish as well! The crab sausage was super tasty and I’d never had anything like it before but would definitely order it again.

The fourth glass was the Pinot Noir which these guys don’t sell but we were fortunate enough to have a taste. This was a lovely tasting wine as well and was paired with the quail Ballantine and mushroom duxelle which was also quite tasty. I’d never had quail before but this has made me a fan.

Fifth down the table was the Cabernet Sauvignon which is flavoured of blackberries, cassis and sun dried tomatoes with a rich velvety dusting of fine mineral tannins and a deep chocolate palate with a complex fresh finish. This wine has to brew for fourteen months in the tank and was paired with the smoked brisket with horseradish aioli which I just loved! The brisket was nice and tender, and the horseradish aioli went really well with it.

Last but not least we had the 8000 vintages with willowbrae which holds a flavour of freshly picked plums, light Christmas cake, rich sweet chocolate palate with a complex fresh finish. We loved this one as well so ordered two bottles.

This was paired with the goats cheese and caramelised onion tart which was quite nice.

We were also lucky enough to taste some dessert wine from the previous event they held which was a truffle night.

This was the noble pinot gris which was also quite nice tasting.
It was a fun day out and will definitely have to come back and try a proper sit down meal!

Frankiie xX

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