Frankie’s Food Factory

I’m always on the lookout for the most aesthetically pleasing food.
Whether it be savoury or sweet, if it looks pretty, I’ve bookmarked the place to try so when I stumbled across pictures from Frankie’s Food Factory, I knew I had to visit.
If you go to the shopping area where it’s supposed to be and can’t find it, it’s because it’s located within the Flower Power. Only naturally that all dishes would be served accompanied by beautifully coloured flower petals and micro herbs.
The outdoor seating area has a view of a lake with some ducks which had the best light.
So first order off the menu was the peanut butter and jelly pancakes. This was $19.00 and came with a triple stack of pancakes with peanut butter cream, crisp malts, roasted almonds, jelly and fresh berries served with a peanut butter sesame tuile. The flavour of this thing was so good. And a triple stack of pancakes is just the perfect size to fill you up.

For something savoury, we ordered the big breakfast. This was $26.00 and came with two poached free range eggs, bacon, mushrooms, sausage, haloumi, roasted tomato, spinach, sourdough toast and hash browns which they accidentally forgot. Loved every piece of this meal and the guys were more than happy to bring out the hash browns that they had forgotten.

The hash browns would have to have been my favourite. I know you guys just think they’re only potato pieces but they were just the right sort of crisp and weren’t too oily like others.
Also on the savoury side of orders was the breakfast burger. This was $19.00 and consisted of pork belly, fried free range egg, red onion, melted cheese, coriander and chilli mayo served with a side of hash browns.

For dessert we ordered the donut fries which were $14.00. These were served with a Belgian chocolate dipping sauce. I couldn’t get enough of these! They honestly are the best things out. Each fry was super crispy and went really well with the dipping sauce.

We also ordered the dessert burger and fries for $17.00. This was a bun made from hand rolled churro pastry which was filled with pistachio, Persian cotton candy, fresh strawberries, Nutella and lolly snakes, also served with a side of donut fries. This too was just divine! Loving all of the different bits and pieces thrown in this ‘burger’ like the Persian fairy floss and lolly snakes. The nutella was warmed up and made the lolly snakes nice and gooey.

For drinks, we ordered the rose vanilla lemonade which was $7.00 and the pink lady which was $8.00.

Definitely one that’s insta-worthy!

Frankiie xX

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