Hard Rock Café launches new menu ‘Infused with Love’

I was approached via a DM on Instagram by the Hard Rock Café Sydney to try their new menu called ‘Infused with Love’.
Now I love the Hard Rock Café! We even visited when we were in the States (New York and New Orleans) and it was just as good over there as it is here so were more than happy to try out the new menu.
As every other day, the café was buzzing with people and good tunes. Every which way you look there is music memorabilia to catch the eye.
We were seated in a nice comfy booth and provided with the new menu.
It consisted of the following food items:
• Bourbon-glazed baby back ribs
• Grilled salmon
• Tequila and lime chicken fajitas
• Spirited sliders consisting of the following flavours:
o Whiskey bacon jam
o Southern BBQ
o Crispy chicken
So what do all of these things have in common? That’s right, alcohol!
Now who doesn’t love alcohol infused food?!
We opted for the ribs, fajitas and sliders.
The bourbon-glazed baby back ribs were smoked, seasoned and infused with a new American bourbon BBQ sauce and is served with chips, homemade coleslaw and their classic mac and cheese.

The ribs were super tender and pretty much fell off the bone not to mention the sauce was amazZzzing! It also had a bit of kick to it which was something different. The best thing with this meal is that it comes with their classic mac and cheese which is the dish I always order when I visit so this is definitely a win-win for me.

The fajitas consisted of chicken marinated in tequila and lime then grilled and seasoned with Tex Mex-style spices and served with red peppers, a roasted corn salad, grilled jalapenos and onions.

Loved this! I’m definitely missing the Mexican food from the States so this definitely hit the spot. The best thing about it was it was a DIY dish so you can stuff your fajita with as much or as little filling as you like.
We opted for the sampler slider plate where you get one of each flavour of slider.

The whiskey bacon jam consisted of a burger patty topped with melted cheddar cheese and homemade whiskey bacon jam, served on a toasted bun. This was the favourite of the three as the flavours were really on point!

The crispy chicken is beer battered with melted Monterey jack cheese and pickles in a toasted bun. This was favourite number two of the three as I am also a big fan of fried chicken and this really hit the spot.

The Southern BBQ slider came with pulled pork and house made bourbon BBQ sauce on a toasted bun over crisp apples and topped with coleslaw. This had a nice flavour to it and the pork was nice and tender.

On their new drinks menu were the following:
• Tropical margarita
• Pomegranate cider sangria
• Mango ginger mojito
• Rock house punch
• Passionfruit punch (non-alcoholic)
• Bourbon brownie shake
We opted for the passionfruit punch (as one of us needs to be the responsible driver) and the Bourbon brownie shake.

The passionfruit punch was made out of orange juice, passionfruit and ginger ale and was super flavoursome!
The bourbon brownie shake had a blend of bourbon, brownies and vanilla ice cream which was then topped with whipped cream, a salted caramel swirl and mini house made brownie. Now we all know how much I love shakes and this definitely did not disappoint.
The flavour of the bourbon was distinct and that house made brownie definitely hit the sweet tooth spot.
Hoping the next piece is an alcohol infused dessert menu!
Frankiie xX

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