Unicorn High Tea at Made by the Hill

I unfortunately missed out on getting tickets to the first seating of the Unicorn High Tea but was super happy that they decided to release a second seating in which I grabbed at the opportunity.
When we got there, the area in which they held the event was buzzing with people of all ages dressed in colourful clothing and dotting that famous ‘horn’ on their heads.
The tables were packed with the traditional tiered stands, bags of fairy floss, colouring sheets and confetti.

You had a choice to order a freakshake topped with whipped cream, ice cream cone filled with vanilla ice cream, sprinkles and musk sticks or an adults only cocktail which is a fruit tingle topped with fairy floss and sour straps.

Going through the tiers, at the bottom you will find unicorn horns made from pastry piped with custard and rainbow macarons.

The middle tier had a slice of Pasticceria Pappa cheesecake with rainbow filling and topped with a unicorn horn and cannoli piped with rainbow ricotta.

The top tier had a mini cheesecake also from Pasticceria Papa and cupcakes with rainbow icing and both topped with unicorn horns made of fondant.

Outside, there is a pony dressed as a unicorn and people are able to take photos which you can upload onto Instagram and get printed.

Such a fun day and the most perfect thing for lovers of Pasticceria Pappa cheesecake!

Frankiie xX

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