The Middle Feast

An invite to the Middle Feast to try their new breakfast menu?! I jumped at the chance!
It was hard to choose something off the menu as they have quite a list of amazing looking dishes (not to mention a crazy dessert menu).
In the end we tried the Sujuk and egg guvec, and the zaatar with labne.
Now we’re not strangers to having food from the Middle East so were really eager to try the food here.
The Sujuk and egg guvec is a dish comprised of sucuk which is a Turkish sausage that is pan tossed with fresh tomato, lemon juice, Napolitano sauce and layered in a croc pot with two eggs sunny side up then topped with feta cheese and baked in the oven, which was also served with a side of homemade sesame seed bread.

Plated beautifully, this was just delicious – it was super flavoursome and not to mention, that bread!
The zaatar came with three pieces of bread which was served with cucumber, tomato and labne. This is my favourite thing to eat and these guys did not disappoint. The bread was the lightest I’ve ever had and kept me wanting more. Lucky enough, their portion sizes are quite generous leaving me full and satisfied.

We were given some tea which was served up in the most intricate tea set I’ve ever seen.

Dessert was then offered to us and we opted for a knafeh to share.
This is a baked creamy semolina and milk, laced with sweet cheese and topped with crumbled cornflakes, and served with crushed pistachios and syrup.

We loved this – especially with the extra syrup giving it just that extra sweetness.

After the food, the owner, Zayed took us on a tour around the restaurant.
We were given some shavings of chocolate used to create the dessert kebab which was Italian chocolate and just divine.

We were seated in the smoking area but there is a function area out the back which is decked out beautifully with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and fairy lights draped from end to end.

The main area is equipped with a dance floor for live entertainment Friday and Saturday nights.

All of the pieces of furniture and decorations you see have been sourced from different places overseas which is why wherever you look, everything is so intricate and beautiful.

This place is definitely one to visit.
Frankiie xX

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