Truffle Menu at the Four Seasons Hotel

Who else is a fan of truffles?
There seems to be a wave of truffle menus this season so what a better way to get in with the times than to go to the Four Seasons and try their truffle menu out.
On the drinks menu, they have the Truffle martini. This was made of gin and had a truffle infused olive. It was quite a strong tasting drink which most of the table were both surprised and happy at.

The table was given some warm bread and butter – always a favourite for everyone not on a diet or avoiding carbs!

For the starter we were served up some oven baked camembert, witlof ad black truffle with a side of bread.

This was my favourite! Camembert is one of my favourite cheeses and I love when it’s baked in the oven and melted. The truffle provided a nice taste and went well with the dish which was well presented beautifully.
The main was an alternate serving of either the wild mushroom and fresh black truffle risotto or the grilled spatchcock, shitake mushrooms and black truffle.

The risotto was just delicious and super creamy. The truffle was distinct and added a nice flavour to the creaminess.

The spatchcock had a nice barbecue type flavour and was just divine!
For dessert, we were served beurre bosc pear and black truffle financier.

Wow! The truffle in this one was definitely distinct. It really made the dessert not to mention how well it was presented. It consisted of layers of sponge, cream and fruit, topped with dollops of cream and truffle, and served in a glass.
We were lucky enough to get this menu for $65.00 when it is normally $200.00. Not to mention I won the lucky door prize which was a voucher to Textbook. So I’ll be heading on over to try their truffle croissants!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Frankiie xX

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