Barbie High Tea at the Shangri-La

I received an email from a girlfriend letting me know that there was a Barbie high tea going on at the Shangri-La and knew I had to book myself in as a lover of all things Barbie.
It must have been a hit as when I emailed to make a booking the seatings were full so had to go for a second option. This was probably because it was created by punk princess Anna Polyviou, famous for her epic desserts.
When we got to the Shangri-La we were seated in an area with good light.
Looking around, you could see there was a Barbie set up in the corner with a bunch of pink balloons but sadly seemed a little hidden away.
We were greeted with some Barbie milkshakes which were strawberry flavoured and topped with Persian fairy floss, whipped cream, gummy candies and sprinkles around the glass rim.

We were also given some tea. We opted for the mango and strawberry, and lychee.

When the actual high tea came out, we expected nothing less than three tiers of pink, glitter and glam.
Tier one down the bottom consisted of finger bun doughnuts.

These were quite tasty! Iced in pink of course and dusted off with shavings of coconut. Reminiscent of your childhood if you were a kid growing up in the 90s, finger buns were such a great afterschool treat.
Tier two in the middle consisted of your savouries.

There were little ham and cheese finger sandwiches cut into star shapes which were unfortunately a little dry but this could have been because they were created in mass in preparation for the 1.45pm seating.
There were also vegetable frittatas – what a better way to get your veggies in by disguising them in something that looks like a tart.
Cheesy chicken strips which were also a bit dry but tasty.
The top tier consisted of rainbow cupcakes topped with an epic swirl of colourful icing and filled with a gush of sprinkles in the middle, making it for a nice and unsuspecting surprise when you bite through.

A rocky road cup made up of marshmallows, gummy candies and packet chips. This was quite an interesting combination. At first when you bite into the rocky road you’re left wondering at the mix of flavours but as you keep chewing, you realise that they all work really well together.
The coconut raspberry jelly pops were a cute little ending to the meal.
Each person received a Women’s Weekly Barbie cookbook containing recipes for the items served up at the high tea.
Frankiie xX

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