The Grumpy Barista

I love the Grumpy Barista!
Ever since I was given a taste of Grumpy Nuts cronuts I was hooked!
For weeks in a row we were ordering them continuously until we started putting on copious amounts of weight and had to stop.
Recently they brought out a crème brûlée in a cone so now I’m back.
We had never actually visited the Grumpy Barista as all of our cronuts were ordered through Uber Eats so it was nice to actually sit down in their little café and taste the menu.
As you walk in you will notice that the place looks quite like a renovated house. The lighting is perfect if you want to take that golden photo and the workers are friendly and upbeat.

The menu is filled with lots of delicious items but of course, we’re here for dessert so opt for the crème brûlée cone and waffles.
A flat white and hot chocolate are our drinks of choice. They come out with lovely coffee art and taste just as good as they look.

When our desserts come out, they are pretty as a picture and the taste is just as good as you can imagine.
The crème brûlée cone cracks perfectly when tapped and is the perfect combination of soft custard with the crispy cone shell.

The waffles are soft as clouds and piled on top of well spread Nutella and pieces of fresh fruit topped with a dollop of cream. Now you can’t say these don’t make you want to visit so hurry and make your way on over!

Frankiie xX

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