Easter High Tea at Sir Stamford

Sir Stamford is one of our favourite places to eat. Whether it be high tea or something off of the menu, it never fails to please.
This is our second year of participating in their Easter high tea menu and we definitely weren’t disappointed.

Last year the whole thing was a buffet style this year, dessert was buffet style and the savoury bites and scones were plated on the traditional tiers.
As you walk in, you’re greeted by an amazing looking dessert buffet, the tables are decorated with old school books and flowers in teacups and a glass of sparkling is poured for you.

Our tea selection for this visit was the rose with French vanilla and pure peppermint.

I think I’ve moved on from Jasmine to rose and French vanilla, as I can’t get enough of it now!
Onto the bottom tier of the savoury plates, there was the Sir Stamford signature curry puffs, crab and avocado on a tart shell, tomato and Boccioni skewers, Mediterranean vegetable and pine nuts on a goats cheese wafer, and a tuna and celery sandwich.

My favourite from this plate was the tuna and celery sandwich!
On the second tiered plate was some ham, cheese and mustard sandwiches, cucumber and cream cheese on wholemeal bread, roasted thyme chicken pinwheels in tomato bread, prosciutto and Persian feta on baguettes and, pastrami.

My favourite from this tier was definitely the pastrami.
The top tier consisted of lemon scones with clotted cream and mixed berry jam. As you guys already know, I’m a huge fan of lemon flavoured food so this definitely was a delight.

The items at the dessert buffet included yellow peach yoghurt domes, blueberry cheesecake, passion coconut verrine, explosive raspberry marshmallows, assorted sweet cups, lemon tarts with merengue, fruit tarts, assorted macarons, lollies and a chocolate fountain.

Hands down my favourite out of these was the blueberry cheesecake and coming in close at second was the strawberry macaron.

The blueberry cheesecake was definitely unlike any other I’ve tried before. It had a gorgeous biscuit base then was layered with fresh blueberries and cheesecake with a marbled top which made it look really pretty.

It’s such a beautiful place to visit so if you guys haven’t been yet, you should whack this place on your list of food places to visit.

Frankiie xX

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