I’m so happy to have gotten to experience the famous Snow Egg before it was taken off the menu at Quay.
The 31st of March marked the last day of this well-known dessert so sure enough, I had to get my hands on one.
I’ll take you guys through the dishes we had on the night so you get a feel for the menu before I talk about the snow egg.

Firstly with drinks, I had the Johnnie Dancer, which is made of lychee juice, cloudy apple and pineapple juice with a generous hit of passion fruit.

Hubby had the blueberry tonic, which was made of blueberry and shizo tonic boosted by soda water and ginger ale.

We were started off with a serving of grain crackers, crème fresh and roe which had a lovely flavour.

Also plated was some sourdough with house-made butter and salt.

For the first set of entrées I had the congee, which consisted of hand dived scallops, heart of palm and black vinegar laver. The scallops were so soft, they melted in your mouth and the flavour was nice and subtle.

Hubby had the raw smoked wagyu, which had fermented chilli, miso, shaved fungi, kombu, cultured cream and dory roe.

For the second set of entrées I had the uni, which was served with koshihkari rice, cured egg yolk, fish maw, ama ebi and umami broth. This had to be my favourite dish of all. The flavours were just mouth watering and left me wanting more!

Hubby had the slow cooked quail with fermented mushroom custard, green walnuts, brioche porridge and seed crackling. This was also his favourite dish.

For our mains I opted for the arkady lamb, which came with Barletta onions, ice plant, oca, lemon puree and topped with hemp seed. I definitely was a fan of the lemon puree and I just love ice plant so this was also a winner for me.

Hubby had the steamed coral trout with heirloom radishes, sake and lemon.

Now the moment you’ve been waiting for – dessert!
We both had the snow egg. This season’s flavour was mango in the middle encased in an apple custard ice cream merengue with a pear flavoured granita. The shell of the egg is a maltose biscuit dusted with icing sugar.

My gosh was it good. I wasn’t sure what to expect because usually when people rave on about something, that whenever we try it, our expectations are so high that we are actually disappointed. This time, not so. This dessert was so good and the flavours really worked well together it’s a shame that it’s not staying on the menu!

To end the night, hubby had a coffee which was served with their petit fours. Chocolates filled with hazelnut, ganache and white chocolate.

Anyway, we were so impressed with the food here that we are definitely going to put our names down to be seated once again when the place re-opens and we’re really looking forward to it.
Frankiie xX

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