God’s Creation

I missed out on attending an event here held by Dr Social back in December of last year because I was overseas so I was super grateful that they thought to invite me out this month.
You cannot go past this place and not look at it in awe.
Totally reminiscent of those gorgeous stone buildings you see all around Europe, the building is painted a bright turquoise green and stands out amongst the other buildings surrounding it.

The outside area has a balcony overlooking Darling Street, perfect for those warm days when you want to enjoy the sun.

As you walk inside, you’re greeted by the lovely Helen. Super attentive and appreciative of every compliment you give her whether it be about the décor or the food, you see the twinkle of happiness in her eyes. She is happy to share her story of how the business came to be and how proud she is to call it one of her own alongside her husband.
Starting off with some drinks, I opt for the watermelon and coconut juice which is well suited to the extremely warm weather.

Food wise, we opted for breakfast menu item, black truffle on toast.
This consisted of a black truffle scrambled egg, topped with prosciutto, a slow roasted tomato and freshly shaved parmesan cheese on sourdough.

We also had the salmon di panarea, which was a plate of crispy skin salmon, eggs benedict, zucchini and a house made hash brown which was just divine. It is made of mashed potato mixed in with pieces of salmon – it’s just bursting with flavor!

We received this dish twice as the first time it came out missing the hash brown (which we didn’t even notice) so Helen made us a second dish which was nice.

Also on the menu was the grapefruit salad. Made with prawns, grapefruit, rock melon, orange and watermelon tossed in a house made mayo. This is a nice, refreshing dish on a hot day with the flavours working well together.

All of the dishes are plated beautifully. Thinking you’ve stepped into a fine dining restaurant, the taste is just that – fancy looking food made with high quality ingredients and a taste to die for. This place is definitely one to visit.
Frankiie xX

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