Adora Chocolates

Funnily enough I discovered this place when walking to the gym one day.
I managed to drag a friend over to help restrain me from going mad buying everything and we fell in love (along with everyone else we’ve bought chocolates for from here).

The chocolates seriously are amazing – my favourite being the macadamia pyramid.
Adora’s chocolates are handcrafted in all different flavours and they even do different flavoured jellies, marshmallows and gelato!

Another great thing about these guys is they do high tea.
I was a vegetarian at the time we had this so we got a range of cheese puffs and vegetarian pastries which were a nice accompaniment to the sweet stuff.

The hot food was definitely a winner for me. And to be honest, most chocolate places I’ve been to fail when they try and do something savoury.
Anyway, I will review their high tea when I do another post of my top ten high teas so for now we will focus on Adora’s vast range of sweets.
So what I got were a bunch of things from a friend for a farewell and also some from Valentine’s day.
No one can ever go wrong with milk chocolate here so the chocolate lollipop was an easy eat in under thirty seconds. The chocolate is smooth, creamy and flavoursome, much like our Aussie favourite, Cadbury.

Caramel covered popcorn is another favourite of mine which brings back childhood memories of Bliss Bombs which I was also lucky enough to get. I think I’m always iffy when eating popcorn out of something other than a foiled packet because I never know how fresh it’s going to be or whether I will end up with something stale and tasteless. But these guys know how to coat the popcorn enough to keep it fresh.

Florentine minis! I can’t express how much I love these things as well. I just love caramel! These definitely weren’t a disappointment. The best thing is that the caramel doesn’t stick to your teeth which can be rather annoying.

Chocolate drizzled marshmallows were another thing which I received and the clever thing about this is that each marshmallow cube is of a different flavour. Now you have to get in at the right time to get certain ones but they are all quite lovely. The ones I got in this block were made mostly
Now onto the serious business – my Valentine’s Day haul of a heart shaped chocolate box filled with all sorts of different truffles. I was secretly cheering when I saw a macadamia pyramid in there!

Also in the box was:
Good Company which is made from a dessert wine blended with white chocolate and coated in dark chocolate then rolled in pistachio.
Vanilla cream truffle which is a truffle made completely of vanilla cream.
Vanilla caramel which is a caramel of vanilla flavour covered in milk chocolate.
Pistachio splinter which is made up of pistachios covered in milk chocolate.
The box itself was also quite nice. As it is not too thick, it’s very easy to get carried away and eat the whole thing on its own!

I also received a box of six Ganache filled, chocolate dipped hibiscuses. I have never had one of these before but the taste is quite different from anything I’ve ever tasted before which was nice. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but the hibiscus was quite fresh.

Definitely no complaints here apart from the part where I gain weight! But in all honesty, this place really is one to visit and they’re doing so well that they’ve opened up in various other locations such as Sydney CBD and Earlwood with the newest one being in Newtown.
Frankie xX

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