Mr Ping’s

When you’re in the mood for Chinese and don’t want to pay a fortune, then Mr Ping’s is the place to go.
Located outside of Parramatta Westfields, you’ve got everything around you in terms of shopping and entertainment.
This little place has been around for a while now but it was only just recently that we decided to check it out.
Wanting some Chinese food but also wanting to go somewhere new and super close to home, Zomato was able to lead the way!
This place isn’t very big inside but the turnover is pretty good so even if it’s quite busy, you’ll manage to grab yourself a seat.

I ordered the sweet and sour pork with rice which was pretty good but let me give you a warning – the dishes look like they are small but they are super filling so don’t let your hungry eyes get the better of you!

Hubby ordered the rice with roast pork and BBQ pork which he really enjoyed (although I stole most of his veggies).

We also ordered some fried egg noodles to share and these were delish. I love, love, love noodles so I was so happy when these were exactly how I had imagined to be.

We also ordered two deep fried crullers because they looked similar to churros. We weren’t exactly sure if this was a sweet or savoury dish but it ended up being savoury. To be honest, one serving would be enough for two people if you’ve got a main dish.

All of this food was more than enough and I had a strawberry flavoured bubble tea for my sweet fix.

It’s definitely one to visit especially because it’s been around for ages and is always packed which means it must be doing well for itself.

Frankie xX

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