Secret Foodies Hidden Garden Party

We’ve been to a number of Secret Foodies events now and just can’t get enough of them.
This time, we attended a hidden garden party at Parterre in Woollahra.
While walking to the secret location, we could already see how beautiful it would be. There were large white sandstone gates overflowing with big pastel balloons and flowers.

When you enter through those gates, it’s just as magical! Gorgeously decorated with masses of floral arrangements, a cobble stoned laneway, a trolley piled high with fresh oysters on a bed of ice, a DJ blasting tunes, waiters pouring copious amounts of Days of Rosé wine into glasses and a killer grazing table in a gorgeous glass house.

The weather is hot but totally suited to the event. You can’t help but look at all of the gorgeous frocks the ladies are in and you naturally get drawn to the amazing looking food on the grazing table.

Ms Darlinghurst herself pops over for a quick chat, giving us some background on the place. Noticing the price tags on the décor, it makes sense when she tells us that the place is an antique store with a café.

For a café, it did pretty well in terms of plating up food for the guests! Not to mention, the service being pretty on point.

The grazing table was filled with masses of different cheeses, breads, dips, tarts and antipasti for savoury options and for dessert, there were tarts made of lemon merengue and custard topped with fruit.

The waiters were also serving platters of various hot finger foods such as pomegranate flavoured meat balls, zucchini flowers and bruschetta.

It was such an enjoyable afternoon with everyone soaking in the sun and bubbles.

This place is definitely one to visit and what’s even better is that if you’re a lover of antiques like myself, you can pop into the store and have a sticky beak before grabbing a bite to eat.

If you guys still haven’t been to one of these events, you need to seriously consider it. You don’t need to worry that you get a text two hours before about where you have to go as the invite tells you exactly what the theme is so no matter what, you can come prepared in your best outfit. Best of all, there are always prizes and you get to meet lots of new people!

Frankiie xX

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