Canterbury Markets

I usually go to Canterbury Markets if there is a food stall I’d like to try. I follow them on Instagram so I get to see who will be holding a stall and on what day. Last Friday, they had an event with the Wests Tigers whom I also follow.
This last week, I saw them post a photo of chilli and bacon mac n cheese fries from Big Papas Food Truck. I was particularly excited to try this because I love mac n cheese and the picture just looked insane so obviously I had to go and see for myself.
As we were driving, it started to rain but that didn’t stop me.
Unfortunately, when we got there we did a walk around but couldn’t find Big Papas so did a second lap but still couldn’t find the food truck so we decided to have Brazilian Flame BBQ instead.

This was a good choice. Their meats were super tasty and easy to eat. It wasn’t a wonder why the line was so long.
There was a bit of a wait for our food but we paid $19.00 and got some pork and beef with salad.
I also got a hotdog from Dapto Dogs which was $8.00 for a dog with tomato sauce and cheese. The taste wasn’t too bad but I think it was a bit overpriced for what you got.

As for drinks, I got a strawberry lemonade for $7.00 and it was the best tasting lemonade! I love, love, love those homemade lemonade stands but this was definitely one of my faves. The flavour was just great and it definitely worth the price.

For dessert, it was a pistachio canoli from Dolce Bacio which was $6.00. This was quite tasty also. It wasn’t exactly ice cream weather but for me, every day is ice cream day!

I also got a box of loukoumades topped with Nutella and biscuit for $8.00. This was definitely worth the money. I was defeated by three and it was so good.

To describe them, they are like a savoury puff which gives it a nice contrast to the sweetness of the Nutella and biscuit so you’re not in sweetness overload. Definitely one to try and the service was also pretty good.
The races were also on during this time so you had some live entertainment to watch.
Unfortunately, it started to bucket down so we thought we’d hit the road.
All in all, Canterbury Markets are a nice place to try out different food trucks and have a pat of the baby animals. If you go on a weekend, there are also a variety of stalls so it’s definitely worth a gander.
Frankiie xX

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