Husk and Vine

After six months of living at the Crown, I finally walked downstairs to try the food at Husk and Vine.
Although it has not been open for as long as my roomies and I have lived at Crown, it had been established for a few months since I actually had the time to visit.
Now I know I only live upstairs but as you guys know, there is always something going on in Sydney and there’s always something that’s the latest ‘craze’. So what better way than to celebrate my partner’s birthday than by taking him somewhere so close to home where we can both have a drink (or two) and not have to worry about a ride home.
I had made a booking through Dimmi for an 8pm seating but seeing as he got home early, I rang and asked if we could be seated at 7:15 instead and they were more than happy to let us in.
When we got downstairs and walked through the glass doors, we were greeted immediately by a friendly member of staff who seated us under great light (win!).
We were given menus and some time to think about what we wanted to order, all in the while taking in the gorgeous interior of the place. Lots of sandstone rocks hanging from its ceiling around the edges, the dim light, open kitchen and bar area.

As soon as we closed our menus, a waiter was over to serve us.
For our entrée, we ordered two dishes with the first one being the alto olives with kaffir lime. I had never seen such small olives before but boy were they tasty (although hard to catch!).

The second entrée we ordered was the rosemary and sesame flatbread with warm hummus. This too was delicious – I just love bread so I’m always hoping when I get it served, that it is fresh out of the oven.

For our drinks, we had a glass of XO Cognac and, the blue gum and melon house made soda which took a little while to get to us but in the end came.

The house made soda had an interesting taste to it but not all bad.

For the mains, my partner had the 300g Brooklyn Valley Pasteur fed strip loin with za’atar hollandaise. He gobbled this up so quickly and when asked about the taste, simply replied with “very good but slightly overcooked for my liking”.

I on the other hand ordered the Ora king salmon with crushed spring peas, radicchio and vincotto. The salmon’s skin was crisp and made to perfection and the vincotto made for a lovely dressing for the peas and radicchio.

For dessert, my partner had the bomb Alaska which he really enjoyed. It was plated beautifully and I think if I had ordered this dish, I wouldn’t have wanted to eat it!

I had the Husk and Vine bread and butter pudding with vanilla ice cream. I love bread and butter pudding so wanted to see how they would make this baby and it came out looking like a cinnamon scroll on top but when you tasted it, it was definitely a traditional taste. The vanilla ice cream was also quite lovely – it was almost like flaked ice with a vanilla flavour.

The service was great. Even though people say this place isn’t a fine dining restaurant, they certainly made you feel like you were in one.

Frankiie xX

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