Gou Sushi

I received an invite to check this place out from Ompty Media and was so glad that we got the opportunity as we never even knew the place existed!
Hidden behind all of the roadblocks from months of construction, you will find Gou Sushi tucked away on Chalmers St. in Surry Hills.

When you walk in, you are immediately greeted by a smiling bunch of staff and are quickly seated.
We were lucky we got in early as it was still quiet so we got to sit at the end of the train with lots of room.

We were given some green tea to start off with as we had a look at the menu.

Rio was the front chef of the night and he was just an absolute sweetheart! The loveliest and most engaging I have met so far.
He had the best recommendations on the menu for us and we were surprised at how tasty the food was.
For an entrée, we were served a dish called Chawan Mushi which is made of steamed egg custard, topped with prawns and soy beans. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this dish but it definitely went out with a bang in regards to taste.

For our mains, one of the dishes we got plated was the Kara-ge Chicken with a side of chilli mayo. Now I am a big fan of karage chicken! And I absolutely loved this – the chicken was nice and juicy and the seasoning of the skin was right on point.

Rio kept us engaged the whole time, telling us about his background and how everything in the kitchen comes fresh from the fish markets.

Rio was also kind enough to create a DX shashimi plate. I’m not the biggest fan of raw sushis but this was divine!!! We had four choices of salmon, tuna, white fish and scallop.

There is definitely a fine art to the creation process as we watched as Rio chopped and arranged every ounce of this eye widening concoction.

The colours on the plate were so pretty and each piece was served beautifully.
Next, Rio made us a mixed sushi plate comprising of his selection of eight pieces of sushi.

I have to say that this too was delicious. My favourite would have to be the wagyu beef but then again, it was so hard to choose!

We were super full after eating all of these pieces but there was definitely room for dessert and I was so glad we had some as it was the most amazing Japanese dessert I have ever had.
It was a dish called a cheese spring roll.
Now I know you guys are probably thinking it sounds gross but oh my, it was just delicious!
Made up of a cream cheese and mascarpone filling mixed with red bean paste, wrapped in mochi skin then spring roll paper and deep fried, then served with a green tea ice cream, it was the perfect end to the meal.

I must say that this place made me forget about other Japanese places I have visited because the food and service was just amazing.
Definitely one to pay a visit to!

Frankiie xX

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