Paper Plane Factory

When it’s the weekend and we have nothing to do we like to sleep in. So by the time we are up and dressed, it’s usually around midday and hard to find a place that will be open and serving food by the time we arrive.
Lucky for us, we live less than fifteen minutes away from Girawee, which is where Paper Plane Factory is located. Like most cafes around, it closes at 2pm on Saturdays so we made it just in time to have a quick feed.
Located within an industrial area, as you’re driving towards the café you kind of ask yourself where Google maps is taking you until you see the Paper Plane Factory sign peeking out from behind a block of mailboxes.
It was a super windy day so we were lucky that someone had just left and we were able to get a seat inside.
As you look around the café you will see that the place too has an industrial feel to it with wooden tables and metal chairs, pot plants hanging from the ceiling, a white picket fence strategically placed on a wall covered by a huge blackboard with the menu written on it in colourful chalk, along with a high standing roof.
The service wasn’t too bad, two out of the three employees were friendly and provided good customer service.
We ordered the Eggs Benny consisting of two poached eggs, spinach, hollandaise sauce on sour dough bread with bacon.
This was absolutely delish!

We also ordered a Classic Dog, which was a hot dog with tomato sauce, mustard and cheese. This was a bit below average I’d have to say and I found it strange that the sauce was squeezed onto the bun as well, making it super hard to eat without making a mess.

For a side, we had the Cheesy Fries which were thick cut chips topped with cheese and bacon pieces and they too were delish.

For drinks, we just had a coke and Milo Factory Shake. The shake was okay, it could have done with more of a milo flavour though.

All in all, our experience wasn’t too bad and we may visit again.

Frankiie xX

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