Wagyu House Korean BBQ

If you are a mad meat lover, you will no doubt have head of Wagyu House Korean BBQ.
Located on Parramatta Road, you cannot miss this place!
It is decked out in coloured lights hanging down like streamers in the shape of a tent.
This place offers $30 all you can eat and it’s great!
There is always a big line up so you better in get in there quick.
Offering a range of meats, sides, dessert and condiments, this place is definitely value for money.
The catch? You have to cook everything yourself on a charcoal grill!

But that’s not so bad – at least you can have your meat the way you like it. Plus, it’s all in the novelty of getting to sit around with your family and friends, cooking food and socializing just like a real barbecue.

Upon entering, you have to pay your $30 at the register then you are shown a seat, and it’s go for your life.

There are trays of various sliced meats including beef, chicken and calamari. They also have trays of wagyu which are also included in your $30.
White hot charcoal is put into your grill by one of the team members, you’re given some tongs and scissors and then you’re set to go.

This place also offers choices of plain rice, fried rice, noodles, salads and condiments galore. It was like being in a candy shop.

I think the best thing for me was being able to cook my meal myself. Not to mention that the meat they offered wasn’t too bad.

I was a bit skeptical at first thinking how they could make money from $30 all you can eat and that the meats would be off-cuts and sinewy but I was quite wrong.

With the dessert, they offer vanilla ice cream with a range of toppings – even banana flavour! I was quite surprised with the ice cream also. It didn’t taste like cheap soft serve, which was good!
Definitely one to visit.

Frankiie xX

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