Skinny’s Grill

I’ve been saying to myself that I should really start eating better but it’s hard when you love food so much that you eat out as often as you can so that you can try everything that’s the craze at the moment. So when I was invited by the owner, James to try out a new menu, I was super pleased that it was a favourite local of ours, Skinny’s. Their menus are great especially if you’re dieting because everything is healthy and in moderation. Also, they have all of the macros listed for protein, carbs and fat for each item which makes it super easy to know just how much calorie intake you’re in for. I was super keen when I saw that they had added milkshakes as I love, love, love them! And best thing is, they’re all pretty high in protein. Obviously, we had to try them out! We chose the Have a Shake Have a Kit Kat which consisted of low carb chocolate ice cream with caramel sauce, milk, crushed wafer garnish, chocolate and wafer chunks and, the Sneaky Snickerbocker which was made of low carb chocolate ice cream, caramel sauce, milk, wafer pieces and chocolate peanut chunks.

These were absolutely delicious and best of all, you can’t tell the difference between these and a normal freak shake apart from the fact that they aren’t topped with crazy toppings like whipped cream and candy. So onto the mains. We chose the Big Bird Board which had drummettes and wings, grilled marinated chicken breast, chicken crunch strips and a trio of sauces including paprika, aioli and secret sauce with a side of plain chips.

Our other main was the Cheeky Cheese Burger which was made with a wagyu beef patty, double cheese, tomato relish, mustard, pickles and tomato sauce with a side of Skinny’s slaw. Mnnn mnnn!

We were super full but the lovely Ramy who looked after us on the night offered us dessert which was absolutely delicious.

Every time we have eaten at Skinny’s we’ve been too full to try anything – probably because of all the protein intake but this time, we thought we’d squeeze it in so he brought us their famous brownie and a dessert pizza both with a side of strawberry ice cream!

Let me tell you, they were both epic! That brownie was to die for and the pizza had mini brownies and strawberries all over it, it was just divine!

Such a lovely night out and awesome food. When I looked back at my earlier Zomato review, I had given them a 5 out of 5 which hasn’t changed a bit!

So James and the Skinny’s crew if you’re reading this, thank you so much for an awesome feed with all the right calories!

Frankiie xX

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