Salt Vine Tapas Bar

I received an invite to this place from Dan and we were more than happy to come and visit as we love Lebanese food.
This was my first Lebanese restaurant this year so was super excited to try the food in comparison to the mezze train we had last year.
As you look around, you will see that the venue isn’t very big but is well decorated and has quite an extensive bar so is great for those after work drinks or a weekend out with friends.

It was also such a great idea to turn Lebanese cuisine into tapas so would be good to go with a bunch of people so that you can order heaps of different things off the menu.
Off of the drinks menu, we had some chamomile tea and lemonada, which is a homemade lemonade with a hint of orange blossom water.

Absolutely loved this – as you guys know, it’s supposed to Autumn here but it’s still hitting the thirties so this was nice and refreshing.
As a starter, we opted for the Syrian String Cheese Cigars. These were made with a crisp pastry, string cheese and nigella seeds, served with coriander and tomato harissa.

Yummm! These were absolutely delicious. I hate to say it but I love any kind of string cheese – I’m even a sucker for the ones you get at the supermarket so to have this type of cheese wrapped in a pastry and fried was the best.

We also had Samkhe Harra, which is a chargrilled barramundi served with tahini dressing, walnut butter, pickled chilli and coriander.

This was just delicious! The barramundi was cooked to perfection and that tahini and walnut butter had an amazing flavour – I was practically wiping the plate clean with the fish just to make sure I had all of it. The chef even came out and commented that this was his favourite dish so you guys definitely need to try it.

We also ordered the Scotch Meshwl, which is a grilled scotch fillet with merguez spices, carrot puree and paprika butter.

My gosh this was good! The scotch fillet was again cooked to perfection and that carrot puree and paprika butter was so mouth watering – I would eat this everyday if I could! I couldn’t even tell it was carrot so had to take a second look at the menu.

Unfortunately these three dishes filled us up so we will definitely visit again to try more of the menu but this time with friends so that we can get more of a variety.
This place is definitely one to try.

Frankiie xX

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