Snack Affair

I stumbled across this online snack shop on Instagram and now I’m hooked!

I made my first purchase and loved it so much that I’ve made a second, which I can’t wait to receive.

This online beauty has a bunch of Asian snacks which aren’t available in-store.

The Thai milk tea flavoured KitKats were what lured me in. I’m addicted to Thai milk tea so was curious as to what this would taste like.

Surprisingly, it tastes exactly like Thai milk tea! It’s so good, I ate all of them within two days with no willpower.

Another product that caught my eye was the pack of Milo nuggets.

I love Milo and miss those Milo filled chocolate bars which I had as a kid so thought this would be the next best thing.

They are super addictive, just like Ovaltines where you keep reaching into the packet and popping them into your mouth, expecting it to never end.

Another thing I was curious about was the new mi-goreng.

If you’re a fan of the original, you’ll love this! There is an eggy flavour but it’s not overpowering or sickly, it’s definitely one to try.

Durian lovers eat your heart out with this one! The flavour is bold and distinct and you can smell the durian as soon as you open the pack.

So you guys know how much I love ramen and how hard it was for me to find one as good as the ones I had in the States in Little Tokyo. Well these little packets are the next best thing.

All you need to do is add your protein and toppings and you’re done. I’ll definitely be trying the rest of the flavours.

White rabbit is reminiscent of my childhood. My parents would pack a handful in my bag for school and my grandma would always have them in her handbag to give me if I was feeling peckish.

Seeing these in a matcha flavour got me. They definitely have that matcha flavour over the original white rabbit flavour but isn’t overpowering so is just the thing for all you matcha lovers out there.

I got this baby for free and am I hooked! The melon flavour is soOoo yummy, I would seriously eat this all day, everyday!

Let me know what you guys think if you’ve tried anything from Snack Affair and if you have any recommendations for me to try.

Frankiie xX

Parklands Food Fest

This was the first year I attended Parklands Food Fest and was glad I did.

Unfortunately I wasn’t well so missed out on quite a few of the stalls but still managed to get in on some yummy bits and pieces from what was left.

I got there with half an hour left until close but got some treats from Pasalubongs, Diego’s Donuts and Lovelle Creations.

Pasalubongs is a Filipino soul food company and is perfect for those who have never tasted filo food before.

Famous for bringing the greater community a taste of the Philippines, these guys sold out on everything but one item on their menu.

Pasalubongs have made their own take on filo favourite leche flan by creating pieces incorporating different flavours of cake such as red velvet, mango (pictured), ube and padan, which were so good!

Also on the menu were ensaymadas which are pastries covered in butter and sugar then topped with cheese. Filos love to have this for afternoon tea also known to them as merienda.

Another sweet favourite is kakanins which are native delicacies made from glutinous rice.

The orange coloured one is called kutsinta (my personal favorite), the clear, pitsi pitsi and the purple, sapin sapin. You’ll find these covered in coconut and on the tables of many Filipino households.

Leaving the savoury dish for last as it’s always dessert first, it’s the all famous pork bbq skewers.

These babies have received high traction over the past year or so and it’s not a question of why but ‘have you tasted them?!’

If not, I suggest you join the line at the next event and grab yourself a handful or two… maybe three!

Was that a fun enough history lesson on Filipino food as we are now onto the other dessert stalls?

Diego’s Donuts, one of my all time favorites was also there.

Naturally I grabbed some Nutella drizzled ones and a bag of the traditional cinnamon sugar.

I’m so obsessed with these donuts because they’re bite sized, yummy and don’t make me feel as guilty eating them because they’re so small.

A newbie which I’ve never had before but am now obsessed with are the desserts from Lovelle Creations.

I’m sad I got there so late as there were only two out of the seven dessert cups left. But still lucky enough to get to try the watermelon dessert cup and the Thai milk tea dessert cup.

Both were absolutely delicious! I’m seriously obsessed now and need to follow them wherever they go.

What stalls did you guys visit? I’d love to hear about the ones, especially the desserts.

Frankiie xX

Thai I M – The Most Instagrammable Thai Food

If you ever wondered how to make Thai food look good on instagram, Thai I M is the answer to your prayers.

I’ve never seen Thai food look as good as what you’d find here and the taste of the dishes don’t fall short of their looks either.

I was lucky enough to be able to try this little newbie out courtesy of Food Blogs Media and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

First off we were greeted with some drinks. Lemon lime bitters, lychee lemonade and Thai milk tea to be exact. Have you ever seen a more pretty looking Thai milk tea?!

Next, we had some money bags filled with prawn and veggies, accompanied with plum sauce as an entrée to share.

Cooked perfectly; crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these guys didn’t skimp out on the prawn filling.

For the mains we had five dishes.

First was pineapple fried rice which was topped with crispy cashews. This just made it that little bit extra and added a nice touch.

To accompany the rice was some crying tiger which is marinated beef.

You guys definitely have to try this one as the flavour of that beef seriously good.

Next up was some pad Thai.

You can’t go wrong with this staple dish if you’re not bold enough to try anything new. The flavour was spot on and the noodles weren’t too soggy like you get at some other Thai places.

The fourth dish was the crispy fish in cashew nut sauce with a side of boiled rice.

The fish in this one is battered which makes it that little bit yummier. I mean who doesn’t like batter on their food to give it that extra crispness?!

The fifth dish was the salt and pepper squid which was again, cooked to perfection. Not chewy like most places, it was almost as soft as the fish.

For the desserts we had the roti crepes with blueberries and ice cream.

Such a pretty dish and super tasty too. I’ve only had roti once before at Mamak and it was served to me like a witches hat so this was something new for me.

The fried ice cream which is so pretty, has two flavours inside – strawberry and vanilla, topped with fairy floss.

Also another winner on the dessert end as it was still nice and crispy on the outside but held the cold of the ice cream for ages and didn’t go soggy while we took our photos.

The mango with sticky rice was the final dessert. The detail in this dish is just so pretty.

The sticky rice looked like a perfect pink igloo with a drizzle of snow.

This little place is such a hidden gem as it separates itself from the rest of the other Thai eateries on Church Street with its standout dishes, it’s definitely one to try.

Frankiie xX

Thai I M Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Mouths of Mums Arnott’s Simple Batch

Arnott’s biscuits have been a family favourite for as long as I can remember so when I was lucky enough to be chosen to review the new Arnott’s Simple Batch biscuits by Mouths of Mums, I was cheering.

I was sent two flavours – Anzacs and Honey Cinnamon Butter.

I can’t say which was my favorite out of the two because they were both equally really good in their own way.

I’m not the biggest fan of Anzac biscuits so I was a bit hesitant of having to write a review on something I don’t like but these have definitely changed my mind! They were quite flavoursome and weren’t dry like the ones I’ve tasted in the past.

The Honey Cinnamon Butter biscuits were just as good. They had a lovely flavour and were quite soft to bite into.

Both are perfect with a hot choccie or beverage of your choice in this cold weather and have a homely feel to them when you take that first bite. It’s definitely hard to stop at one!

I can’t wait to go out and try the rest of the flavours Arnott’s have to offer in this range which include Vanilla Butter and Choc Coconut.

They are available now at your local grocery store for $4.00.

Have you guys tried any of these biscuits? I’d love to know what you thought!

Frankie xX

Level Beverages Level Lemonade Launch

I have been a lover of 28 Black from the first time I tasted it so when Level Beverages approached me to create some image content for them, I couldn’t help but say yes and have been doing shoots for them ever since.
This time around, they have launched their own product called Level Lemonade and I couldn’t be happier.
For those who know me, they know that I don’t drink Coke and prefer to opt for lemonade (hence my love for lemon flavoured food and drink) so to be able to try another lemon flavoured drink was just a dream.
This one on the other hand has a twist. A healthy twist!
Usually when you think of lemonade (even the freshly squeezed ones) you think of the amount of sugar that is jam packed in there to make it sweet.

Level Lemonade takes lemonade to another level. The guys behind the idea – Katrin and Krish have gone and looked at incorporating health benefits into their first ever drink. This being Vitamin C and magnesium as most Aussies are deficient and don’t know it.
Katrin and Krish have identified the shift in consumer choices where people are making a more conscious effort to be healthy and are more mindful of their sugar intake. That’s where the idea behind Level Lemonade was born. It has benefits such as metabolism of energy, aids in muscle cartilage, cramping, sleeping, and relaxing.

The launch of Level Lemonade showed a more bright and colourful side of the Level Beverages brand. There were three flavours launched – original lemonade, lemonade and orange, and lemonade and pineapple and we got to have a taste of each.

I can’t say which one I favoured the most as they were all surprisingly good! I was expecting a sort of Berocca taste but it was nothing like that. Each flavour was fresh and left you wanting more.

There was free flowing wine and canapés served throughout the event by Peir One. There was even an area where you could take a selfie with the product.
The weather was perfect and really suited the vibe of the product.
Level Lemonade will be available at Ezy Mart and Caltex in March and will retail for around $4.00 so make sure you get a taste.

Frankiie xX

Food crawl with Blacker Media

This is the first time I’ve ever been on a food crawl and wasn’t sure what to expect other than feeling totally sick after eating so much at the first place but I was wrong!
It was actually quite pleasant and really well timed so that people had time to digest between each venue.
Venue number one was Four Brothers Espresso which is a little café located in Waringah Mall.
We were seated in a nice area outside of the café and provided with tea, Four Brother’s Roaster’s coffee and drinks of choice.
For the dishes, we were given a nice array of different pieces to try.
Smashed avo with diced tomato and fetta on sourdough was delicious – slightly reminiscent of bruschetta with the tomato, this had a good mix of flavour.

Brother’s eggs benedict with smoked salmon and wilted spinach. Cooked to perfection and super tasty.

Brother’s eggs benedict with bacon and wilted spinach which was also cooked to perfection and probably more of a fave for me out of the two as I’m a bacon lover.

Deluxe burger with bacon jam by Scotch and Smoke. I have to say that these guys make a mean burger! The patties are cooked well and the flavours are just out of this world. If you want a good burger, you’ve definitely got to visit!

Classic cheeseburger also by Scotch and Smoke was definitely not a disappointment. Who else can do a cheeseburger as well as these guys?!

Roasted pumpkin and quinoa salad which was surprisingly good. I’m a big pumpkin and quinoa fan so this was a treat for me.

Balsamic chickpea and avocado salad which was another “healthier option” on the menu that was super tasty and made you feel like eating this reverses all of the bad junk food choices you’ve made in life.

Acai bowl topped with fresh berries and toasted coconut flakes. Oh em gee – this was heaven for me. I honestly couldn’t stop eating this this and have been craving it ever since.

This was definitely a great start to the day and would surely make a trek back on over to have these delish dishes again!
After this we had a bit of a sweet treat delivered to us courtesy of The Classic Cupcake Co. who brought us twelve beautifully decorated cupcakes.

They had chocolate and vanilla bases iced with buttercream flowers which were pretty as a picture.
Venue number two was Eleven 11 Café in Warriewood where we again had an awesome feast!
Some of the menu items we tried were the fish tacos which had beer battered flathead, fermented cabbage, mango salsa, chipotle mayo and jalapenos which was just delish and was definitely the one which everyone grabbed at first.

A burrito bowl which had iceberg lettuce with corn, black beans, grilled chicken, fresh salsa, quinoa, avocado, sour cream, jalapenos and chipotle dressing with some corn chips. This was another of my favourites.

Sweet corn fritters with roquette, bacon, poached eggs and sweet chilli sauce. Loved these also – I am definitely a fan of corn fritters and this was presented really well and had a really nice flavour to it.

Cottage cheese pancakes which were served with fresh berries, banana and Canadian maple syrup. Yummm! I love it when pancakes are made fancy and have ricotta or cottage cheese in them as it just adds that something-something to it.

Eleven11 Burger which contains 150g wagyu beef patty, iceberg lettuce, onion, pickles, tomato, bacon, cheese and Eleven11 sauce. These guys know how to make a good burger also – that wagyu was seriously on point and the Eleven11 sauce was wow!!!

Truffle burger which was made up of 150g wagyu beef patty, spinach, onion rings, cheese, maple bacon and truffle aioli. For all you truffle fans out there, eat your heart out with this one. These guys don’t skimp out on the truffle so you will be in absolute heaven with this baby.

The Easter hot chocolate which was definitely my number one favourite.
You do this one yourself whereby you’re given a Red Tulip chocolate bunny to put into a coffee cup and then you pour your delicious hot chocolate milk over your bunny to create an even more explosive chocolate taste. Give me ten of these and I’ll be in a sugar coma. But seriously, it’s really not as sweet as you would expect it to be. I could definitely live life having a few of these each day.

So last but not least, venue number three, Sunset Diner in Avalon.
Such a cutely decked out place – everything is pink and flamingos are painted on the wall of the outside area so it’s definitely my style.

In terms of menu items, we got the Cheese Dog which has their signature frank, cheese sauce and chipotle ketchup. I had this one all to myself ahahaha as I like my hot dogs traditional with just the frank, sauce and cheese!

The Smoked Brisket Dog which also has their signature frank topped with smoked brisket, mustard, pickle relish and onions. Picked at some of the smoked brisket and it was pretty good.

Two sides of fries which will give Maccas a run for their money.

We also had the Luxe Burger which consisted of a beef patty, double cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and sunset sauce. This was a pretty good burger also – I’m loving how all of these places have their own signature sauces!

The Crispy chicken burger which was made up of buttermilk chicken, herb and cabbage slaw, pickles and chipotle mayo. I didn’t mind this one too much but I have to say I’m not a fan of slaw so didn’t really enjoy that aspect of it but other than that, the chicken had a nice flavour to it.

The Burger which has your beef patty, cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato pickles and sunset sauce. Loved this one; it’s pretty much a cheeseburger but with lettuce and tomato.

And a salad just to be healthy – the Havana which has brown rice, black beans, avocado, coriander, tomato salsa, spiced mango vinaigrette, corn crumble and added crispy chicken. This was pretty enjoyable. It’s like one of those bowls you can get from Thr1ve where it’s super healthy but tasty at the same time. The spiced mango vinaigrette gave it a nice, fresh flavour.

So there you have it, Frankiie’s first food crawl!
Let me know if you guys have visited any of the above and what your favourite menu items were.
Frankiie xX

Easter High Tea at the Grounds

The Grounds of Alexandria is always pumping full of people no matter when you go.
It can be a bit off putting with the amount of people packed in there like sardines but you can’t help but be a sucker for punishment when you see how beautifully decorated the place is.
Having high tea for Easter here was an exception as we had pre booked to avoid the disappointment of a long wait for a table.
Located in the Atrium, the area which looks like a glass house, was decorated in hanging greenery and the tables were topped with vases of colourful flowers.

Not your average three tiered platter, this high tea came on two tiered trays accompanied by a glass of sparkling or juice of your choice. We opted for sparkling water and apple juice.

For the savoury bites, we received five pieces.
Cured beef sandwich with Russian slaw, cucumber pickles and mustard.

Cucumber and cream cheese sandwich with fresh garden mint.

Coronation chicken on brioche toast with watercress.

Smoked trout and crème fraiche tartlet with salmon caviar.

Mini chicken, leek and mushroom pie with tomato relish which I loved and could have eaten ten!

For the sweet bites, we received four pieces.
Mini strawberry tart with vanilla pastry cream – this was my favourite!

Dark chocolate and salted caramel tartlet.

Chocolate and coconut “bounty bar” perfect for the lovers of coconut.

Mini raspberry Pavlova which was so cute (not to mention delicious). It was almost like a mini macaron topped with raspberries.

While we were eating, a staff member came around handing out pieces of the massive Easter egg they have each year which was quite nice. The chocolate was pretty good and surprising was comprised of several layers of chocolate.
Frankiie xX

The Pizza Shop

The Pizza Shop is a cute little shop located on Sydney Road in Balgowlah. It has a warm, retro feel with an interior decorated with records, toys and games reminiscent of early childhood.
Invited by Blacker Media, the tables were lined with boxes of Cadbury Roses chocolates and Christmas cards – the most thoughtful set up I’ve seen thus far, these guys really know how to throw an event which is super well organised!
So for the entrées we received some cheesy garlic bread, hot ‘n’ spicy wings, smoky BBQ wings and a pesto parmesan pizza.

I can’t choose which one was my fave as they were all really good! The wings were super flavoursome and easy to eat, the cheese on the garlic bread is such a good idea – I really wish more people would adopt this and the pesto parmesan pizzas flavour was nice and subtle. It wasn’t as overpowering as I thought it would be, so it’s definitely a winner.

If you were to choose what to have as an entrée, I’d recommend either one of the wings AND either one of the breads.

You definitely can’t opt out of having one of the wings as they are so good and if you choose the garlic bread over the pesto parmesan, you will see how well the cheese works and if you go with the pesto parmesan, it’s a nice, light lead up to the real pizzas.
Next up we got two sets of pizzas.
Pizza set one consisted of four different varieties.
There was the Dr Zeus which had marinated lamb, baby spinach, cherry tomato, Spanish onion, crumbed feta, garlic, and was drizzled with mint yoghurt. Definitely a Greek inspired piece, and such a good one at that. The marinated lamb had a real tasty flavour to it and gave the pizza that hit.

The Pep which is your standard pepperoni pizza definitely isn’t standard in taste. I’d have to say that this one was one of my faves (as plain as it sounds), some places you get pepperoni that isn’t super tasty but with this one, you really get that paprika, chilli pepper taste.

The Queen Marg had roma tomato, baby bocconcini, and fresh basil. Again, not your average margarita pizza. The baby bocconcini gave it a creamier texture and the fresh basil gave it a nice hit of added flavour.

The Butternut Chicken had toppings of chicken, butternut pumpkin, baby spinach, Spanish onion, crumbed feta, garlic, and pine nuts on a white base. This is a dream! It is such a nice array of flavours, reminiscent of a roast chicken dinner with sides of creamy pumpkin. Definitely one to try.

Pizza set two consisted of another four varieties.
The Mr. Prosciutto had prosciutto, Roma tomato, Spanish onion, wild rocket, and shaved parmesan also on a white base. I love prosciutto so this was a treat for me. Whenever I get prosciutto on a pizza, I end up eating the piece of prosciutto all in one go as it’s hard to bite through but this one was not.

The El Chapo consisted of chorizo, ground beef, jalapenos, capsicum, Roma Tomato, Spanish onion, corn, drizzled with creamy guacamole and sprinkled with fresh coriander. Now if you’re not a big spice fan, I suggest you pick the jalapenos off of this one as it can give you quite a burn. But other than that, the flavours worked really well together.

The Zorro had prawns, chorizo, Spanish onion, baby spinach, cherry tomato, crumbed feta, and garlic. This was also super tasty – the prawns went really well with the chorizo and the crumbed feta gave it a nice touch.

Last but not least was the Fishmonger which had an array of seafood such as prawns, mussels, scallops, Spanish onion, garlic, and fresh shallots. Now this is definitely one for the seafood lovers. With such a good mix, you definitely can’t go wrong with this pizza.
The guys also were generous enough to have brought us some desserts – a traditional tiramisu. It was delicious!

The alcohol was definitely present ahahaha.
It was such a lovely little venue and the food was definitely an A++.
I think it would be the perfect place for date night.
Frankiie xX

IKEA Vegan Buffet

Who doesn’t love the food at IKEA?! Those Swedish meatballs, salmon wraps and that ever famous Daim cake!
But seriously, for a long time, there has been a growing culture of vegetarians and vegans so an idea for a “vegan” or “vegetarian” buffet is trying to get pushed to be available at IKEA for those opting for a cruelty free meal.
Kindly invited by Troy, we were one of the lucky punters to be able to try all of these deliciously colourful dishes.

The dishes are basically vegan but are labelled vegetarian as the chefs are unsure of what the soil used to grow the vegetables has been fertilised with therefore, have called the meals “vegetarian” rather than vegan.
Other than that little thing, all of the dishes are vegan and don’t have any animal based products used in them.
This is honestly a dream come true! Even meat lovers who attend will fall in love with the food and I’m not just saying that. You could tell the dishes were made with love. Not to mention everything was presented really well.
My husband who is a renowned meat lover was super impressed and kept going back for more until he was about to burst.

On the table they had veggies balls with tomato and spinach ragu (the vegetarian version of the Swedish meatballs) which was definitely a favourite for all.
Spiced roast potatoes which my husband and I honestly couldn’t get enough of.
Thai green curry with jasmine rice had the perfect spice level to it.
Garlic roasted mushrooms which were super tasty.
Pesto penne which was definitely at the top of my list – I went back for seconds and overheard a meat eater from across the table say to his mum that if it were something like this that was cooked every day he wouldn’t bother eating meat again.

Broad bean salad which was light and refreshing.

Roast pumpkin salad which is always a must and you can’t go wrong with.

Potato salad which had a nice mustard dressing to it.
Mixed veg quinoa which was also another favourite of mine.

Two types of soup being minestrone and lentil. I only tried the minestrone and it was delicious and hearty!

For dessert they had a fruit platter with rockmelon, honeydew, pineapple, grapes, and strawberries.

They also had almond friands topped with strawberries and walnut cupcakes.

Both of which were just delicious that I had to take some home!
So who’s up to try this delicious feast and help push for it to be a standing thing on IKEA’s menu?! I for one am a huge fan.
Frankiie xX

Sydney Cebu Lechon

Sydney Cebu Lechon is no newbie to the food scene.
Having been around for 27 years, these guys have built a strong reputation for themselves and opened a pop up in Blacktown with just recently securing themselves a little spot on Enmore Road.
Holding a soft opening on the 9th of February we were lucky enough to have been invited by some friends who have been long term fans of Sydney Cebu.
We were allowed to have whatever we wanted off the menu and of course, we opted for all of the “lechon” dishes.
The charcoal roasted pork/Cebu lechon which is the fave of the bunch was just delicious. Definitely not falling short of expectations, I now know why people insist on waiting in massive lines for this dish!

The braised pork belly/humba (Cebuano Adobo) is a slightly sweeter version of the adobo I am used to coming from a Filipino background but I have to say that I quite enjoyed this dish. It was super flavoursome and the pork, tender.

The crispy fried pork belly (lechon kawali) was also a hit. Differing from the Cebu lechon in the way it is cooked, this too has crackling right on point.

These three dishes to share along with steamed rice was enough to feed a table of four, all of us pretty big eaters so if you’re wanting to try more than one dish, I suggest going with a group of friends so you can get the full Sydney Cebu Lechon experience!
And don’t forget to leave room for dessert which is a mistake we made but will give more of a pull for us to come back and visit.
Frankiie xX