Brick Bar

So I was scrolling through the popular feed on Instagram when I stumbled across some burgers that looked like Lego pieces.
Immediately I had to see where to get myself one.
Luckily enough the guys at Brick Bar were doing a pop up at the Starship in Sydney so I had to get some tickets.
The entry fee included a play around in the ball pit and an hour and a half where you are free to build and create your own creations in the block room.

The ball pit had five dollar notes scattered around the bottom of it which people had to try and find and the down stairs area which had all the Lego was equipped with a bar, food station and ping pong table where people versed each other for drink prizes. There was also a money prize if you found five gold pieces of Lego.

The ‘brick burgers’ were served in pairs – one being chicken and the other, beef – both with a side of fries while non-alcoholic drinks were five bucks a pop.

The time went by so quickly, which was surprising but I didn’t know that Lego could be so much fun!
There were thrones made of large Lego pieces and walls where you can write messages or create character with pieces of Lego.
Both the upstairs and downstairs area had their own separate DJs and everyone was having a right old time.

By far, this was the story which got the most responses from fellow followers so it’s definitely one to try.

Frankiie xX

Mamma Teresa

Mamma Teresa is a nice and homely place to eat when you’re looking for good Italian food.
The people there are super friendly and welcoming as soon as you walk through the door.
We dined as guests of Ompty Media and are now happy we have found a great place to enjoy good quality Italian eats.
We started off with an entrée of garlic bread which was served in nice, large portions.

For the mains, I opted for the risotto pollo which had chicken breast, sundried tomato and spinach tossed with carnarolirice in a creamy napolitana sauce. Now I always choose this if it’s on the menu as I love sundried tomatoes in a creamy sauce and this dish was just perfect! Some places go overboard with the sauce and it becomes quite overpowering but this was right on point.

I also ordered myself the entrée size to save some room for pizza and dessert and this is just the right serving size if you want to eat other items off the menu.
Hubby ordered the fettuccine boscaiola which he too tends to order every time we have Italian (it’s so hard for us to break habit hahaha)! He loved this dish as well and said it was also one which wasn’t too overpowering and didn’t become sickening towards the end.

But a word of warning! If you don’t like garlic, you may want to ask them to tone it down a bit as it is quite strong in this dish. If you’re a garlic fan, then you will definitely enjoy the hit of it in this dish.
We were also given the Kingsford Special gourmet pizza which had toppings of prawns, pepperoni, mushrooms and pineapple. I don’t normally like pineapple on my pizza but this went surprisingly well with the rest of the flavours.

The prawns were also quite dominant in flavour which was good as every other pizza I’ve had with them on top, they’ve had no taste.
For dessert, I opted for something light; the Belgium Chocolate Mousse. It was a nice dark chocolate mousse topped with a strawberry. This was delicious. The mousse was nice and airy and the chocolate flavour, just right.

We definitely want to go back and try out the rest of the menu!
Thank you to the guys at Mamma Teresa and Ompty for giving us such a great experience.

Frankiie xX


The Vincenzo’s chain has been around for close to 40 years but the current owners have been with the business for 12 years.
Located in Merrylands, it’s a nice local for pasta, pizza and other comfort food.
With a lovely outdoor seating area, it’s also the perfect place to sit around and enjoy good food with family and friends.
Courtesy of an invite from Food Blogs Media, we were given seven different dishes to try on the day of the visit.
First off the menu was the garlic bread which was made with house made garlic butter. This was freshly baked and had just the right flavour.

Next were the garlic prawns which were cooked in napolitana sauce with a side of pane de casa. These were super tasty and the pane de casa which is a type of bread, made the perfect pairing to this delicious dish.

We were also given three types of pizza!

We had the Atlantic which has a tomato base topped with cheese, scallops, prawns, king prawns, crab meat and parsley. I’ve never been one to order a seafood pizza but this was pretty good and I would definitely rate it.

The Four Seasons pizza also has a tomato base and is topped with cheese, ham, mushrooms, capsicums and prawns. Now this is my type of pizza! I’m such a fan of ham, mushrooms and prawns that I couldn’t go wrong with this and the capsicum was a nice addition to the flavour.

Last but not least, was the Italian Special made with a tomato base, cheese, roasted capsicum, marinated artichoke, roasted eggplant, mushrooms and diced tomatoes. This seemed to be the winner on the table out of the pizzas as it was the one which people ate the most of. I’m not a fan of artichokes but I do love roasted eggplant.

From the pasta menu, we received the fettuccine marinara which had a napolitana sauce, dash of cream, prawns, scallops, crab and garlic. This was my favourite dish! I usually like white sauces best with my pasta unless it’s spaghetti or lasagne but this was just delish!

The last dish brought out was the fish and chips. The fish was nice and crispy and the chips, thick cut. Now who doesn’t love a good fish and chips dish? The fish here was crumbed rather than battered which was nice because it made it less oily.

The guys were super hospitable and came out after all of the dishes were brought out and asked if we were full enough as if we weren’t, they were going to bring out more. But the dishes here are definitely filling and it’s nice to get a group together so that you get more of a taste for the menu.

Frankiie xX

Cucina Espresso

When your foodie fam invites you out for a super early breakfast on a Sunday morning where your day is filled with more food adventures, you can’t help but say yes.
Cucina Espresso is located in Concord on a strip lined with different types of eateries.
What makes it stand out against the rest is the owner, Rocco’s warm personality and passion for food which is reflected in the restaurant’s menu.

Carlo Callauti is the head chef of Cucina Espresso and creates a range of mean Italian dishes to rival mamma’s homemade cooking!
My favourite dish was the carrot cake pancakes! It was a homemade pancake mix infused with carrot, walnut and cinnamon which was stacked between a layer of cream cheese frosting and topped with vanilla gelato.

I cannot believe how good this dish was! It had been sitting there for half an hour with us taking photos and starting off with the savoury dishes and the pancakes still had a crisp to them despite having the gelato melt all over it. This dish is definitely one which you cannot pass on.
On the savoury side, we had the Chef’s Uvo Polenta e Prosciutto consisting of a bed of polenta topped with soft poached eggs, prosciutto, gorgonzola sauce and walnuts served with a side pane di casa (a type of bread).

Another savoury dish was the Uvo Cotto which is a dish made of eggs baked in a creamy sauce with porchini mushrooms, black truffle, potato mash and shaved grana padano cheese then garnished with crispy bacon and a side of pane di casa.

This was my second favourite dish. The flavours were just amazing and reminded me of a creamy boscaiola which I love.
Another one on the table was the salmon rosti benedict which is a chef’s potato rosti topped with house cured salmon, poached eggs and house made lime infused hollandaise sauce served with asparagus and watercress. I loved the potato rosti and the hollandaise sauce was just perfect. The eggs were also cooked to perfection which most places seem to get wrong.

The last dish we received is a new menu item so I’m not too sure of its name but it had baked eggs and was surrounded by pork pieces cooked in herbs and parmesan cheese. Yummm!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and try it for yourself as you won’t be disappointed!

Frankiie xX

No Monkeying Around!

If you’re looking for somewhere different to eat, look no further than the Bored Monkey in Narrabeen.
Labelling themselves as a fine dining restaurant these guys are ahead of their game in looks, taste and price!
With a change in management earlier this year, these guys got a group of foodies in to try their new spring/summer menu.

Upon arrival we were given plates of garlic bread, Sydney rock oysters and mixed olives. The oysters had been sourced from the Sydney Fish Markets earlier that day so you know they are fresh.

The garlic bread was flavoursome and super crispy which was nice and the olives were a mix of green and black with a garlic infused flavour.

For the canapés, we were served some delicious pizzas, grilled haloumi, wild mushroom arancini, karaage chicken and BBQ bourbon chicken wings.
The pizza was topped with prawns, fetta and capsicum.
The wild mushroom arancini was just delicious! It was nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The karaage chicken was moist and flavoursome.

The chicken wings were such a dream. Their marinade was just delicious!

Entrees included pork belly, zucchini flowers and black mussels.
The bangalow crispy pork belly was right on point with its crackling and was served with chorizo jam.

The zucchini flowers were filled with ricotta and goats cheese, fried and served on caponata. These were just divine! They were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
The Kinkawooka black mussels were steamed and served with garlic, chilli and homemade tomato sauce – such a good flavoured combo! Mussels always taste so good with chilli, garlic and a red based sauce and this definitely did not disappoint.

For the mains we received four dishes which included the surf and turf, linguine marinara, Thai beef salad, and smoked pork ribs.
The surf and turf was comprised of a premium grain scotch fillet, half a Moreton bay bug, asparagus, steak fries and garnished with port wine jus. How can I describe just how good this dish was?! The steak was cooked to perfection and had that smoky BBQ flavour.

The linguine had an array of seafood with chilli, garlic, white wine and homemade cherry tomato sauce. This pasta had such a lovely, creamy texture to it and the taste was seriously on point.

The Thai beef salad had marbled beef fillet medium rare which is sliced and placed on top of an Asian mixed leaf and julienne salad, with mint, coriander, cashew nuts and Nam Jim dressing. This dish was such a refreshing one and is one you should definitely order.

The smoked pork ribs were a rack glazed with honey, sherry and French bbq sauce served with grilled sweet corn and steak fries. These ribs were great, seriously fall off the bone and melt in your mouth style.

For the dessert, we were given some affogato, chocolate mousse and churro bowls. Can you guess which one was my fave?
Definitely the churros! Cooked to perfection and just bursting with sweet goodness, it was definitely a winner.

The chocolate mousse was quite nice too. It looks like a brownie but when you cut into it, you can definitely tell the difference in texture and taste.

The affogatos were served beautifully in martini glasses accompanied with the shots of coffee.
Josh was a super good host and did an awesome job with the dishes.
Cheers to Blacker Media for allowing us to dine in with the crew!

Frankiie xX

Crepe House Café

Crepe House Café is a lovely new place which offers the best of feeds.
You honestly will not leave feeling dissatisfied or hungry.
Located at 202 William Street Earlwood, it’s half an hour away from the CBDs.
The business owners, Christina & Harry Varetimidis are of a Greek background so you know you will be stuffed until the cows come home!
We dined courtesy of Ompty Media so got to try a whole range from their extensive menu.
We started off with some hot drinks; a hot chocolate and flat white. Both not shy of a little froth art and definitely up there in taste. The coffee is made with Toby’s, a favourite of ours.

For something a little bit more light and refreshing, we were served juices. One being apple, lemon, mint and pineapple and the other, Orange, carrot and celery. Both equally refreshing and flavourful.

We were then served the savoury items first.
Crepe number one was the Sigma. It was made from two eggs, cherry tomatoes, fetta, a fresh avocado spread and topped with a balsamic glaze. This was just divine not to mention a healthier change from what I have been eating throughout this whole week!

Next we were given an omelette with ham, cheese, mushroom and spinach – exactly all of the fillings I opt for when I create my own omelette! So this was definitely a favourite. It was accompanied with some soy linseed toast and can be found on their Specials Board.

Another dish served up to go with the savoury dishes was the fruit yoghurt. The yoghurt they use is Evia which was topped with fresh fruit and coconut, and was drizzled with honey. This was just heaven! It honesty reminded me of rice pudding – it had a sweet, vanilla bean flavour to it and worked really well with the fruit mixed in. This was definitely at the top of our list of menu items!

Crepe number two was the Atlas. This was made with chicken, fetta, mushrooms, baby spinach, shallots and special sauce. Now this was a fave among the workers and we weren’t left wondering why. It was hearty and filling, not to mention super tasty. Definitely one to go for if you’re looking for a good protein hit!

Crepe number three was the Poseidon, made up of smoked salmon, haloumi, fresh avocado, baby spinach, shallots and tomato. We had to save some room for the dessert crepes so opted to reheat this one and have it at home for dinner. Wow! It was still great after five hours. We popped it in the press and were super impressed at how good it was. It definitely shows that everything at this place is made fresh and with fresh ingredients.

We were then served some Mountain Tea to try and help digest the food. It was quite nice and went well with a squeeze of honey.

More coffee was served and we got to try the Freddo cappuccino which was beautifully served in a tall glass. The coffee is whipped up so created a lovely thick froth on top, reminiscent of an iced coffee.

We were also served a Freddo espresso which is pretty much an iced long black. Good and strong, equipping us for the rest of the afternoon.

Now onto the sweet side of the menu!
We were served the Belgian waffle which was topped with a scoop of Belgian chocolate gelato, Nutella, banana, strawberries and whipped cream. This was super light and fluffy! It just melted in your mouth and was just delicious. This should definitely be on your ‘to try’ list.

Next we were given some Athena crepes filled with Nutella, Banana and biscuit crumbs. We also left this one for when we got home and it too was just delicious when reheated. The crepes had a more crispy texture as they were put in the press but they were definitely still far better than others I’ve had during a dine-in.

The second crepe we were given was the Hera, made of ricotta, blueberries, raspberries and maple syrup. This was my favourite. I love ricotta and blueberries so to have them both in a crepe made my day. The maple syrup gave it an extra sweetness and the raspberries gave it a bit of a tang – jus the perfect combination of sweet and sour.

We also got to try the Madagascan pancakes which were topped with a scoop of vanilla bean gelato, banana, walnuts, cinnamon and maple syrup. These were just delicious. They are made with the same recipe as the waffles so you know that they too will be light and fluffy. This was also a take home and they were surprisingly still pretty good after being in the fridge for a day. The flavours of banana, walnut and cinnamon were really complimentary with the maple syrup.

Last but not least, we were given the Oreo special milkshake. I’m a big fan of Oreo McFlurries so this milkshake was a treat for me. We took it away but it was still good after half an hour so I was able to watch a live sport while sipping on the milkshake – perfect end to the afternoon!

If I haven’t convinced you with this post to go and visit Crepe House Café, I’m hoping the pictures do them some more justice!

Frankiie xX

Little Beirutee

Looking for some great Lebanese food?
Well Little Beirutee is the place to go.
Serving up a massive menu fit for a King’s banquet, you will be rolling out of this joint.
As an entrée, we were given a plate of turmos (also known as Lupini beans), watered almonds, olives, pickles, and carrots.

For our mains, we were given two banquet style pieces.
Banquet number two which had a top tier has tabouleh and fattoush.

A middle tier with hummos, babagounj, garlic dip and a lemon tahini dip.
Some turnips, pickles and olives.
Kebbeh, naye served with shallots, onions, radish, cucumber, capsicum, mint, parsley and chilli.

The bottom board had hand cut chips, two meat skewers, two chicken skewers, two kafta skewers and one makanek skewer.

Banquet number three came with a bowl of turmos, watered almond and carrots.

The top tier had tabouleh and fattoush.

The middle tier had hummos, babagounj, garlic dip and a lemon tahini dip.
Fried and fresh Lebanese bread.
Turnips, pickles and olives.
Deep fried white bait, prawn cutlets and salt and pepper squid.

The bottom board had hand cut chips, barramundi samke harra served with pine nuts and parsley and topped with a lemon tahini dressing.

Each piece was fresh and melted in your mouth. Each seafood item was just delicious. Even after 15 minutes of taking photos, it was still fresh and piping hot.
For dessert we had the Knefeh which is a warm creamy baked semolina topped with rose water syrup which was just delicious and not overpowered with the rosewater syrup.

Maamoul which are middle eastern cookies stuffed with pistachios, dates and walnuts.

Rice pudding made with rosewater and creamy rice topped with cinnamon. Absolutely loved this! They definitely need to make a bigger portion size because it leaves you wanting more.

Lebanese pancakes made with cheese and topped with rose syrup.

Fig and pistachio brownie which is a choc brownie infused with fig and pistachio served with a warm scoop of ice cream.

Nutella knefeh which was surprisingly good! I wasn’t too sure about how the texture would be and if it would be super sweet but it was quite nice.

Such a fun day out.

Frankiie xX