Nude Mints

Have you ever had a mint that was also good for your gut?

If not, Nude Mints is your go-to! Its quirky design makes you look twice as it’s not like any other gum on the market. The packaging, mint itself, as well as benefits are all fun and innovative.

The transparent capsule may be tiny but it’s definitely mighty! As soon as you bite into that gel bubble, you’re hit with a big blast of minty freshness – not only are you getting fresh breath, your gut is also getting a cleanse at the same time.

Its innovative packaging makes it easy for sharing by dispensing one mint at a time and reducing the amount of fingers “dipping into the jar”.

So where can you find this awesome invention? Online at the Australian NaturalCare website.

Flavour Fusion Nude Mints

At the moment, the flavours available on the Australian NaturalCare website are Spearmint, Flavour Fusion and Ice Shot.

Here’s hoping they bring out all the flavours to us Aussie customers!

Ice Shot Nude Mints

Would love to know what you guys think if you get a chance to try them.

Frankiie xX

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