New Star Kebab

Looking for a tasty Turkish feast somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the City? Well, look no further than New Star Kebab in Auburn. They’ve won my heart over and over again with their delicious dishes and copious amounts of FRESH bread. I mean, who can say no to baskets of bread?!

New Star is definitely one to bring a big group of friends and family to so you can all share in the different flavours and experience Auburn has to offer.

Turkish Bread $2.00

Their dips are also so extra. You’re totally spoilt for choice if you order the plate. My fave was definitely the Baba Ghanoush but look at the colour of that beetroot one!

Dips $12.00

The pide is on another level, I’ve never seen one this big before. The flavours are so tasty and the crisp of the bread really made you want to just keep eating. I couldn’t believe the size of it!!!

Kiymali Pide $26.00

The shish plate was also super tasty. The meat was tender and full of flavour, cooked over charcoal on the barbecue you’re definitely in for a treat. The sides that came along with it went well when adding them all to the Turkish bread as well, giving it even more flavour.

Double Shish Plate $26.00

I totalled enjoyed my visit and I’ll definitely be going back more often!

Thank you to Spooning Aust for organising my super delicious and filling visit. If you’re ever craving Turkish food you should definitely give this place a visit, promise you won’t be disappointed – you can tell how satisfying they are by the the line of people all queuing up for a feed or takeaway. They’re not your average kebab joint, they actually take pride in what they serve.

Frankiie xX

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