The Lion and Buffalo

If you’re looking for a cute and inviting place to eat, The Lion and Buffalo is a place you need to check out. Decked out with the funkiest decor, the rabbits strategically placed on the outside of the building are sure to grab your attention.

When you get there, guaranteed you will find a line up of people waiting to be seated – reflective of how good the food and drinks are!

It’s a cosy little place and the menu has a lot to offer in terms of looks and taste. The Better Than Sex Ramen really is to die for – spicy or mild, take your pick, but the pork chashu is the thing that steals the show! This dish definitely tickles all of your senses.

Better Than Sex Ramen $22.00

The Black Opal Wagyu Steak Sandwich was made to perfection, with a great combo of different flavours that all worked really well together. The seeded ciabatta had a yummy mix of seeds, which really added a zing of flavour to the sandwich.

Black Opal Wagyu Steak Sandwich $27.00

The kids menu is the cutest, it channels an inner unicorn filled with rainbows and glitter – so all of the mummies (and daddies) looking for a kid friendly place to brunch, lunch or meet for a coffee and cake have to add this place to their list.

Unicorn Milk With Magic Fairy Dust $3.50

The Kids French Toast was absolutely amazing! It seriously is the best French toast I’ve ever had. Truly, something magical was put into it to make me fall in love. Adults, make sure you channel your inner child and order this as you won’t regret it.

Kids French Toast $10.00

The long black, made with Single O coffee, will give you that caffeine hit. It also comes accompanied with a glass of sparkling water.

Long Black $5.00

The hot chocolate is one for all ages. I drink hot chocolates wherever I go, and the bar is set pretty low as most places fail and make it too weak but this place knows how to hit the right spot – I had to fight my kids for it!

Hot Chocolate $4.50

What else do I need to tell you to twist your arm into visiting this place?!

Run, don’t walk!

Frankiie xX

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