Penrith Panthers New Years Eve Carnival

Happy new year to you all! What did you get up to?

Firstly, I really apologise for being MIA. It has been a crazy end of the year and start to the year. My little boy just turned two and my little girl will be four in a few months. Time really does fly by.

Anyway, back to the topic – we went to Penrith Panthers for new years eve as last year we ended up with COVID from Illuminate! Not to say we won’t ever go again but thought we’d do something different this year.

Panthers put on a family friendly event with lots of food, games and rides. A little tip for the years to follow – make sure you get in early as it’s a long wait to sign in if you wait longer than an hour and a half after start time. We had friends who waited close to two hours!

For those who have been to Hawaii, they had a Dole Whip truck! We were lucky the line wasn’t long when we got there as when we walked back, it was insane.

Watermelon Dole Whip
Pineapple Dole Whip

Thank goodness the weather wasn’t scorching hot but it was still warm and these two bad boys really helped to cool us down and got us ready for the night ahead and chasing the kids.

There were lots of rides for all ages, which was really good, especially for those who have toddlers as it can be really hard to find ones where they are able to ride on their own.

They had things like train rides, teacup rides, jumping castles and even mini rollercoaster like rides.

There were the usual dagwood dogs, hot chips, chicken nuggets, and chips on a stick for the little ones.

Dagwood Dogs
Hot Chips

Something you don’t see very often was BBQ Time, which is filo bbq. It was done really well, super moist and had so much flavour – definitely one to try if you ever see them around!

Pork Skewer Meal

We stayed around until the 9pm fireworks, then had a bunch of donuts and headed off home. I can safely say, trying to get out of the car park wasn’t as painful as other places so if you want something a bit more low key and easy to slip away from then this is the event to be at.

Frankiie xX

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