Fairfield Spring Fest

It’s great to see the community you live in getting out there and holding all of these festivals to get everyone out supporting businesses and bringing families together.

I’ve lived in Fairfield for nearly all of my life and since moving back I’ve noticed more going on in the community, which is great. We’ve all been in and out of lockdown and it finally seems like restrictions are really easing and so people are keen to get back out there and explore.

The Fairfield Spring Fest ran for two days with lots of entertainment for the family, workshops, rides and food.

Candy Land

The kids were particularly excited to see Bluey and Bingo dancing around on the stage! I think they were quite disappointed after it all came to an end.


But that’s okay as they were then distracted by some delish donuts from We Donut Care. We got three for a tenner and each one was so good. It was hard to choose which flavours to try but in the end the aesthetically pleasing ones won! Fairy Bread, Strawberry Sprinkle and Chocolate with White Chocolate Sprinkles were the ones which won me over.

Fairy Bread Donut

The kids went crazy for the Fairy Bread Donut because of all of the sprinkles.

Strawberry Sprinkle Donut

The Strawberry Sprinkle was my fave. I loved the flavour of the icing. I mean who doesn’t love a donut that tastes just as good as it looks?! And the people serving were so nice as well. You guys will have to give them a visit if you see them around.

Chocolate with White Chocolate Sprinkles

The Chocolate was quite good too and the icing was quite flavourful. I have to say these guys have got it all down pat.

Puntino Catering & Events had some of the best pizza I’ve ever had! The base definitely makes a big part of a pizza as well as the ingredients on top and it was made to perfection not to mention the pepperoni had a nice crisp to it and it wasn’t too spicy.

Peppeatony Pizza $15.00 and Garlic Bread $6.00

Hotdog House was another fave. The kids aren’t fans of sauce so they got the plain hotdog and some small chips.

Plain Hotdog $7.50 and Small Chips $4.50

These guys are so lovely and friendly also so make sure you also give them a visit if you spot them around.

Mr Goaty Gelato which was located in Candyland unfortunately only had one flavour left when we got to them and it was Passionfruit Cheesecake.

Mr Goaty Gelato

Also in Candyland you could find a world just like Willy Wonkas (unfortunately not edible) but very photogenic, as well as some free lollies.

Just outside of Candyland they were handing out beautiful purple lillies. I was lucky enough to get three of them as they were only small.

There were a bunch of rides and a jumping castle but we avoided them this year as the lines were a bit long and we didn’t want to wait around in the heat so instead went and did a decorate a bag workshop where the kids got a calico bag to draw on.

Decorate a Bag Workshop

Other entertainment on stage was Lucky’s African Drumming and Dance, which people really enjoyed watching and singing along with.

Lucky’s African Drumming & Dancing

There were a few different characters walking around all at the ready for photos, which was great.

They also had a skate rink which was fun. I’ll have to get the kids some skates to practice on so they can join in on the fun.

Did you visit and do you think this should this be a seasonal thing as I’m really hoping it is?!

xX Frankiie

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