Lights on Riley: PenReef

We went exploring one weeknight to see what PenReef would look like and unfortunately it was a little disappointing! The fam were expecting a whole light display of underwater creatures and the like along Riley but it was only one tiny area for an hour drive.

There were lights hanging off trees along the sidewalk but I’m not sure if they’re there all the time… not to mention they were pretty mediocre.

They had a few deals up on offer through the Westfield Plus app if you’re a member but we only took advantage of one which was the $2.50 Under the Sea Sundae at San Churro as it really was the only one of two kid friendly deals with the other being a buy one get one free Lights on Riley shake at Ben and Jerry’s in Hoyt’s.

Under the Sea Sundae $2.50

If you go onto your Westfield Plus app and look at the section on what’s on today it has free fairy floss for members but you have to click into the section and read the fine print which notes it’s only on Thursday and Friday nights so if you’ve got something fancy schmancy in your head and live far away, don’t bother as it’s really such a small display for the kids.

I’m sorry Westfield Penrith but maybe don’t put such a big hype on something so little in the future!

Frankiie xX

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