Secret Sender

New kids on the block, Secret Sender know how to create an awesome snack box of goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Their boxes are literally jam packed with everything you could ever want to stuff your face with – perfect for when you have 3:30-itis and are craving something sweet to get you through the rest of the arvo.

I’m Gucci Box

I was lucky enough to win the I’m Gucci box, which is fitting with my love for designer but this baby housed full sized chocolate bars (not meant for sharing) as well as snack sized chocolates – it’s your best friend for the week if you can make it last that long.

It also has your childhood faves like Skittles, Wizz Fizz Serbert, Trolli gummies and Chup a Chups, which are my fave of all time.

Secretly hiding under all of these childhood goodies are full sized bags of lollies! Sour Patch Kids and the Confectionery Company Party Mix, which are the perfect pieces for hiding in your desk drawer for a sneaky snack.

There’s also not one but TWO packs of Tim Tams slotted in there – woOoo hoOoo!!! Now if that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will. Bite one corner off and you’re ready, set, go with your tea or coffee.

Also forgot to mention the popper. If you have kids this will be such a novelty for them. Or if you’re a big kid yourself which, let’s face it, most of us are, then you’ll feel like it’s your birthday Paris Hilton style so do yourself a favour and head on over to their website and order a box (or two or three…) for your loved one or yourself because you won’t be disappointed.

xX Frankiie

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