Fairfield’s Culinary Carnival

Fairfield City Council are constantly looking for ways in which to get the local community out and about and supporting local businesses.

This year, Culinary Carnivals main focus was to help small businesses recover from what happened during COVID. It was full of food, entertainment and fun for the whole family.

Participating local businesses were mapped out on the Fairfield City Council website and were also giving out samples of food and drink for people to try. There was cultural entertainment, balloon twisting, workshops, face painting and rides for the kids and even a pop up from Wise Employment helping to encourage those with a disability to talk to experts about getting into the workplace.

Wise Employment Pop Up
Balloon Twisting

As soon as you walk out of the Station you have Mykababayan Filipino who were handing out samples of their beef caldereta which is a tomato based beef stew, perfect for the cold weather. Their store specialises in Filipino cuisine and groceries so if you’re looking for somewhere low key to have your first taste then this is the place for you.

Mykababayan Filipino – Caldereta
Mykababayan Filipino – BBQ Sticks

On Civic Arcade you can find Baraka Bakery who were giving out samples of their Iraqi bread called Samoon. They specialise in Iraqi breads and sweets.

Baraka Bakery – Samoon

On Barbara Street you can find Bondeno Cafe who gave out samples of their cevapi and ajvar which is a capsicum relish. These guys specialise in Bosnian food but also have a regular breakfast and lunch menu.

Bondeno Cafe – Cevapi and Ajvar

There was also some cultural dancing and kids activities in the old Bing Lee store. The Capoeira Topazio Team put on an amazing, crowd gathering show! We have followed these guys for awhile now and they are a super friendly bunch so it was nice to see them perform in the area.

Capoeira Topazio
Kids Garden Activity

The Mayor, Frank Carbone also came along to welcome everyone and outlined the day ahead. There were also some showbags given out containing a bag of Lebanese bread and a bread brochure outlining the different types of bread.

Mayor Frank Carbone with Councillor Dai Le

Away from the main strip you can find a cake store called Gateaux Di Roi who make amazing cakes and desserts. The owner, Ashoor, is one who is always hard at work creating delicious treats for his customers.

Also veering towards the other side of the main strip is Tasic Hot Burek, which is a European store that has been around for years. Their deep fried donuts are amazing and a must try!

Hot Burek – Donuts

La Torre Cake Shop is another one that has been around since I can remember and have the best caramel out. They use it in their Caramel Rolls and Chilenitos as well as having it as a sauce on the side to either eat by itself or use as a dipping sauce.

Frank’s Lebanese Restaurant is over on Smart Street and is always jam packed no matter what time you visit. They are the leaders of charcoal chicken and chips in the area.

Star Sweet Patisserie is also up a bit further on Smart Street and first opened their doors to Fairfield in August of 2019 and have been going strong ever since. Their desserts and cakes definitely make it hard to make a decision when only picking one.

Star Sweet Patisserie (L to R) – Shaabiyat with Pistachio, Lady Finger, Rocher, Caramel Cake and Strawberry Tart
Star Sweet Patisserie

Closer to the end of station you can find Green Peppercorn, which is located inside Fairfield Hotel. This too has become one of Fairfield’s star attractions and brings in crowds from all different suburbs.

Ritz Cafe is also another eatery that has been around since I can remember. It’s located in Civic Plaza on Ware Street.

Fairfield Fruitland is another establishment going strong over the years and they were giving out pieces of watermelon.

Baalbek Bakery was also a participating business and were the ones who supplied the Lebanese bread in the showbags.

I have to say that Culinary Carnival 2021 was a hit. There were big crowds and people were coming in to help celebrate small businesses getting back into action. Thank you to Fairfield City Council for organising another family fun filled event and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have going next year.

Frankiie xX

#CulinaryCarnival #DiscoverFairfield

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