Festive Afternoon Tea at The Fullerton Hotel

Our first high tea of the year was at the Fullerton Hotel which was previously The Westin. We had a lot of fond memories of The Westin as one of our favourite high teas was there – Alice in Wonderland, so we were excited to see how this one would compare.

As you enter the hotel and head towards The Bar, you are greeted with a gorgeous Christmas tree made up of over 500 Santa bears.

We had the Festive High Tea which was $78.00 per person and it came with bottomless tea and coffee.

The savoury tier consisted of Tasmanian salmon with tsuyu and ginger flakes, roasted beetroot and goats cheese tartlets, salted butter and cucumber sandwiches, chicken and lemon myrtle in charcoal buns, Singapore chilli crab rillettes with sourdough crostini, and last but not least, free range egg and chive sandwiches.

My favourite out of the savoury pieces would have to have been the Singapore chilli crab rillettes. It was super flavoursome and not as chilli as I expected but the salted butter and cucumber sandwich came in at a very close second.

The sweet tier had a Christmas wreath made of pistachio savarin and yuzu pistachio rocher, a toadstool made of chestnut cremeux and almond financier, a snowman macaron made of speculoos ganache and cranberry chutney, a bauble made of blueberry mousse and passionfruit crunch, a Christmas stamp made of bergamot and raspberry tart, and then a black forest verrine.

My favourite piece out of the sweets was definitely the toadstool! The chestnut creme reminded me of a delicious flavoured spread I used to be able to buy from Haigh’s.

After you finish your two tiers, you’re presented with some plain and date scones. These are just the perfect size so as to not tip you over the edge of fullness.

Another great thing about this high tea is that you get unlimited tea so you can try all of the flavours!

We only managed to try two flavours each because we didn’t want to fill up on tea but that was more than enough. They have quite a nice selection so if you go with a couple of people each person can order something different and share.

Hope you guys get to visit and try it out.

Frankiie xX

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