Lazy Bakr

When you hear the name Lazy Bakr you wouldn’t think of baked goods that look like they’ve taken hours to make but in fact, it’s the total opposite!

Fresh out of high school and straight into the competitive world of baking and cake decorating, Catherine sets herself apart from the rest of the pack by creating edible masterpieces.

The layered choc cake consist of 12 layers of delicious goodness – chocolate sponge and chocolate ganache frosting topped with fresh strawberries, raspberry hazelnut chocolate and gold leaf.

As you can see, hours of love and time has been put into this cake. Delicate intricacies create such a beautiful end result.

It’s only a small portion so won’t last long but it definitely keeps well in the fridge. I kept it for around two days before it was eaten – mainly because I had two other desserts which I had received beforehand and were getting through but also because I wanted to share it with some visitors I had on the weekend.

I was expecting it to be a bit stale by the time it was eaten but it was still moist and flavoursome. It also kept its shape and none of strawberries had wrinkled yet which was a good sign considering it had been continuous days of scorching heat.

So go out and grab yourself a cake from the Lazy Bakr!

xX Frankiie

2 thoughts on “Lazy Bakr

  1. We get cakes from lazy baker all the time for work and family occasion. Catherine is lovely and very talented. Her cakes is not only good to look at but they are super delicious. Highly recommended.

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