Chivalry and Delivery

If you haven’t heard about Chivalry and Delivery you need to check them out asap!

They specialise in hampers of all sorts and are a sure way to win brownie points with those you love.

Their Christmas Entertainer is the perfect gift for this holiday season. It’s sure to drop jaws and bring tears to the eyes with its beautiful presentation and contents.

This lovely hamper comes with a cheese board, nut bowl, Egyptian dukkah from Thistle Be Good, quince paste from Maggie Beer, mighty macadamia and wattleseed flavoured chocolate block from Koko Black, wafer thin crackers from Natural Falwasser, caramelised balsamic vinegar and roasted garlic infused virgin olive oil from tar 10, and roasted macadamias from Wondaree Macadamia.

As you can see all of their products are Aussie which is a great way to help support your local and give back during these hard times.

Who honestly would not want to receive something so beautiful?! I almost cried when the delivery guy brought it to the front door.

Having tried everything edible, I can safely say that each and every product gets a thumbs up from me.

Koko Black is one of my favourite chocolate brands so I was super happy to see a block in the hamper. The flavour of the macadamia and wattleseed was something I hadn’t tried before and was quite yummy.

The salted macadamias from Wondaree had just the right amount of salt on them, making them taste slightly different from your average macadamia.

The roasted garlic infused olive oil was so good mixed in with the Egyptian dukkah. Dip your crackers in the oil then straight into the dukkah and you have yourself a flavoursome treat.

The quince paste also goes really well with the crackers. Add some brie or Camembert and you have yourself a yummy snack which will leave you wanting more.

The caramelised balsamic vinegar mixes in well with the olive oil. Pour a bit of the oil first then the vinegar and you’ve got yourself a potion to strengthen your immune system. Yes, that’s right! Mixing these two together creates an antioxidant that helps reduce the risk of heart attacks. Don’t believe me, Google it!

Not only do Chivalry and Delivery bring you the best of the best, they also have your health in mind. Eat this delish concoction with some cherry tomatoes and a hard cheese of your choice and you’ve got another delish snack.

Now your cheese board is one which is just the right size. It’s not as heavy as you may think but is quite the durable entertainer.

Thank you to Chivalry and Delivery for such an awesome kit of goodies and for making entertaining life so easy.

Jump on their website and have a sticky beak at all of the different things they offer. If you can’t make up your mind you can always make your own!

Frankiie xX

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