Avenue 22 BBQ

Vegans and vegetarians look away because Avenue 22 don’t shy away from a good slab of meat. They specialise in low and slow American style smoked meats and are ahead of the game despite not being on the scene for as long as others in the same field.

First of all, their briskets have the perfect smoke ring! For those of you not familiar with this barbecue term, it’s that area of pink colour near the surface of the meat only achieved by having both moisture and a low and slow temperature while cooking. These guys definitely have it down pat. The brisket is juicy and tender – definitely masters of their trade!

Second, their short ribs are another level. Again with the perfect smoke ring and a crust of dark bark. These babies are thick yet juicy af and definitely not lacking in flavour. They fall off the bone whilst using plastic cutlery – what more can you ask for?!

Mixed plate $45.00

If you can’t decide on what to order, the mixed plate is definitely the way to go. It comes with wagyu brisket, beef rib, bread, slaw, pickles and homemade bbq sauce.

That homemade bbq sauce is amazing. It’s sweet with a bit of a kick, the perfect thing to dunk your already tasty meat into. These guys need to start selling this by the bucket load!

The sides they offer are also really tasty and compliment the meat. They have mac n cheese and corn pudding to choose from. Both are equally as good and will leave you wanting more.

Mac n cheese $5.00 and corn salad $5.00

Have I twisted your arm yet?

We drove all the way here in over 40 degree heat to try it out and were definitely not disappointed. We are already planning our next visit!

Help support this small business by feeding your meat cravings. When you take that first bite you’ll see why I’m raving on about this place. You can thank me later.

Frankiie xX

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