Brownies by U

Brownies by U may not have been around for very long but new or not they know how to play the brownie game.

Layer upon layer of delicious, sweet goodness, a bite of one of these babies is enough to put you into a dessert lovers comatose sending you to dessert heaven.

Being able to customise your brownie with all the bits and pieces you want is the whole appeal. Don’t like something? No problem, don’t add it. You can pretty much build this baby into a mountain only found in chocolate dreams.

Starting off with the base. You have options of Oreo, Tim Tams, Scotch Fingers, Mint Slice, chocolate chips, caramel popcorn, Biscoff popcorn, Nutella popcorn, and Lotus spread. Which to choose?! I went with our local Aussie fave, Tim Tams.

Next you have the spread. Choices are Nutella, Biscoff, strawberry jam, peanut butter, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Caramilk, and salted caramel. I chose Nutella of course.

Now for the brownie! They’ve got milk chocolate, dark chocolate, espresso, red velvet, Caramilk, peppermint, and Cherry Ripe. I opted for the traditional milk chocolate just so I can rate it against other hyped up places like Tee Lish.

Then there’s the toppings. The list includes white choc chips, milk choc chips, dark choc chips, shredded coconut, marshmallows, and the to trio drizzle which consists of milk, dark and white chocolate! I chose white choc chips.

Last but not least are the add ons. Now this is where you can go wild! The list is huge. You’ve got shredded coconut, white choc chips, dark choc chips, marshmallows, the trio drizzle, Oreo (crumbed or chopped), Mint Slice (crumbed or chopped), Nutella spread, Biscoff spread, caramel spread, Caramilk spread, caramel popcorn, chopped snickers, chopped Mars bars, chopped Bounty, chopped Twix, chopped Twirl, chopped Crunchie, chopped Flake, chopped Picnic, chopped Cherry Ripe, chopped Tim Tams, chopped Kit Kat, chopped Maltesers, edible gold foil, peanut or original M&M’s, assorted lollies, original Bueno, white Bueno, and mixed fresh berries.

I went with the chopped Snickers and Twix with a helping of chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

How amazing does this thing sound and look?! As soon as you lift the lid of the box, you can smell the chocolate. I was honestly staring at the thing the whole way home. I almost didn’t manage a picture without eating it!

Four layers of sweetness and it did not disappoint at all. I’m now obsessed and admittedly, have been eating away at the slab for breakfast and afternoon tea! I love how it has multiple layers. The crispness of the base, the gooeyness of the spread, the softness of the brownie and the novelty of the toppings.

You guys have to order your own customised brownie and see for yourself. Send them a DM on Instagram to order. Their handle is browniesbyu.

Frankiie xX

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