Chir Chir

Chir Chir is a Korean food chain specialising in all types of fried chicken.

You’ll find a range of crispy, spicy, garlicky and somewhere in-between chicken dishes which all look super appealing. Bring your appetites as they serve quite generous portions!

The New Orleans wings was something I really wanted to try, which were grilled wings served on a bed of cheesy corn rice. They were sweet and spicy with a bit of a bite.

The cheesy corn rice went so well with the chicken and is so tasty. I would definitely recommend trying this dish out if you can!

New Orleans Wings $26.80

The Honey Butter Chicken were pieces that were bigger than popcorn chicken but smaller than chicken nuggets. Served with chopped up pieces of fried rice cake, hot chips, sultanas, and a sprinkling of icing sugar, it was something different and quite easy to eat because the chicken was nice and moist. The honey butter was quite subtle and not too overpowering allowing you to eat more without getting sick of it.

Honey Butter Chicken $26.80

The fried rice cakes are so good! Make sure you ask for an extra serving of condensed milk as it runs out quick.

I’ve never had anything quite like these before but they are quite yummy and super soft. To me they were like fried mochi fingers – so good!

Fried Rice Cake $7.50

For drinks we had the peach soju and lychee lime fizz.

The peach soju is 12% alcohol but is quite a clean drink. It doesn’t have that burn after you swallow and has such a nice flavour.

Peach Soju $14.00

The lychee lime fizz is definitely one for those with a sweet tooth. It’s nice and refreshing and leaves you wanting more.

Lychee Lime Fizz $8.80

You can find these guys at Burwood so please go and check them out as they seriously make a mean chicken dish!

xX Frankiie

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