Tipsy Jam

Tipsy Jam is an Australian local business which specialises in jams infused with alcohol.

They create products for grazing platters, gift boxes and event favours but the best thing is that they are vegan!

To celebrate mother’s day, Tipsy Jam have created a mother’s day box which includes two jams; I got fig and port, and plum faced, a blueberry cheesecake flavoured candle, some handmade dark chocolate and a ‘Sit Stay Society’ rosé.

The boxes cost $45 each and it’s $10 for delivery if you live outside of the 10 kilometre radius of Lane Cove.

The jams are perfect for #iso because you can create your own mini high tea or picnic for mum by baking some simple scones. Whip up some thickened cream and add your Tipsy Jam, pair it with your rosé and you’re ready to celebrate! You even have some chocolate for dessert afterwards.

Such a perfect gift, I know I’d love to receive one of these boxes!

Frankiie xX

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