Crackle & Co.

Crackle & Co. are an Australian family owned company who specialise in creating the perfect pork crackling snack.

They hand cook each piece until it’s just right and have flavours of sea salt, balsamic vinegar and chilli as part of their mouth watering range.

If you’re not a fan of crackling, these will definitely change your mind!

The balsamic vinegar being my personal favourite has just the right amount of flavour and hits your tastebuds, leaving you wanting more.

The chilli flavour has just the right amount of heat. As you guys know by now, I’m a wimp when it comes to spice and I was able to handle these just fine.

The sea salt would have to be the OG of flavours when it comes to crackling and definitely doesn’t disappoint.

These guys work directly with local suppliers which is great in helping to support your local businesses and you can tell that their products are the real thing as you will notice that there is branding on the occasional piece you pick up so make sure you grab yourself a few bags!

Frankiie xX

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