Divine Donuts

Divine Donuts is a small business which went live on the 5th of February 2020.

If you check them out on Instagram and Facebook (@divinedonuts_) you will see how well curated their dessert boxes are.

They also like to run little competitions for their followers here and there which I was lucky enough to win this month.

They have a range of donut flavours ranging from the creme brulee bombshell to the charming chocolate.

As you can see, their boxes don’t shy away from fulfilling your sweet tooth cravings!

In the box I won, I received the following donuts:

  • Creme brulee bombshell
  • Noble Nutella
  • OG glaze
  • Charming chocolate
  • Sinful cinnamon sugar

As soon as you open the box, that delicious smell of freshly baked donuts slaps you across the face making it hard to not devour the whole box before you take your photo.

Their donuts are soft, bursting with fillings, flavoursome (my personal fave being the creme brulee bombshell), and also keep well the day after – not that there were very many left!

The other little bits and pieces included in the box were pieces of Mars bars, marshmallows, lollipops, chocolate freckles, red skins, candied hearts, twizzlers, speckled eggs (given that we’re leading up to Easter), and another personal favourite, oreo filled eggs which were decorated beautifully in edible glitter!

How can you honestly resist this?!

The box was such a hit that we have already put in another order for the month of May but I’ll more than likely be ordering much sooner to fulfill cravings during the lockdown period.

If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, you really need to!

Also, it’s nice to give back to the local businesses during this time. I know it’s been rough on most of them so why not order a box to help them along a little bit.

Frankiie xX

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