If you are getting lost in the craze of bubble tea and yogurt drinks, Remicone will give you a run for your money.

A dessert store hailing from Korea and franchising to China then finally hitting the shores of Sydney, this place will have your taste buds buzzing!

With such a cute menu, you can’t help but picture how each item will look and taste in real life.

Having been lucky enough to be invited by Get Social PR, I was in dessert heaven.

First trying the Hazel Duo, I was loving the creaminess of the ice cream and the richness of the brownie bites – this is definitely one to try.

The second item I tried was the Mango fresh fruit milk drink which was super refreshing and seriously the best thing I’ve tasted since having the mango yoghurt from Milk Flower.

The third dessert was the Macamelron. Again having the same creaminess as the Hazel Duo but differing with the macaron topping.

These macarons are soOoo good! No lie. They have such an intense fruit flavour, they should be selling them on their own as an option.

The last item I tried was the Blueberry fresh fruit milk which was again super refreshing and had a really nice blueberry flavour.

I’m also loving the containers the milk drinks come in as they are reusable and come with little antler stoppers to keep your drinks from spilling everywhere.

They also had super yummy and cute mini cupcakes.

I don’t think they’ll be selling these cuties but they tasted great and I love, love, love the icing!

This place is definitely a must try and I honestly loved everything. I was left in a dessert coma but will definitely be going back to try out the rest of the flavours and menu.

Thank you to Remicone and Get Social PR for letting us in on the dessert fun!

Frankiie xX

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