Mix Mix

Filo food has slowly been creeping up the scene and what better than to start with dessert if you haven’t already tried the cuisine.

Mix Mix is a local business specialising in filo desserts.

They have set up a small food trailer in the Parramatta Town Hall area and attend food festivals from time to time if you ever need a sugar hit.

At the moment they are creating the famous halo-halo with a Christmas touch to get into the festive spirit.

If you haven’t tried this dessert, it’s a must!

It’s made with crushed ice, sweetened banana, jackfruit, taro jam, palm sugar fruit, coconut gel, coconut strings, white beans and sago topped with ice cream and a slice of leche flan.

Another item on Mix Mix’s menu is the coconut pandan crusher also known as buko pandan.

This is a super refreshing drink made of gulaman cubes, tapioca pearls and shredded coconut in sweetened cream.

The mango peach puffs/jolly pie was inspired by Jolliebee, is such a treat! Vanilla and ube ice cream topped with pieces of pastillas and a side of a mango and peach puff which is very similar to a Maccas apple pie.

The mango mess/mangga con yelo is another refreshing dessert made with mango fruit and puree, sago, crushed Graham crackers and merengue flakes.

Have I convinced you to try them out yet because I’m seriously hooked?!

xX Frankiie

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